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Griddlers Chatroom has been upgraded

Griddlers Chatroom has been upgraded
8/11/03 8:51 AM
When you go into the chat room, you will see the latest 30 lines of the chat messages. To the right is a list of the chatters who are currently in the room.

During quiet times, the list will be empty. To make contact with anyone else interested in chatting, we suggest you to open a second page (control +N in Explorer). Use one page to solve, and one to chat.

If you use only one page, every time you leave the room, your name is dropped from the list of the chatters. With two pages open, your name will be kept listed in the chat.

When anyone else now visits the chat, they will see the room is not completely empty, and should send you a "Hi" message. Pop back to the chat room every 15 minutes or so, and sooner or later you will get a chat session started.

Have Fun!
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