Chat and G-Match/T-Match

Meeting with the Team: TODAY - Fri, Jan 16th, 8PM (GMT)

Solvers who had problems and joined a Team Meeting have been taken care of individually until their problem was solved. If you have a problem...
We are there to help you out.

During the meetings people ask questions about the site, or wish to know more about this feature or that tool.
We are there to give you answers.

They tell us what bothers them. (The effect of the 23:xx:xx on the average time of solving was brought up in the last chat meeting.)
We are there to listen, and fix.

People come up with suggestions and new ideas.
Serious matters are discussed.
Funny sessions occurred too.

You are invited to join us this week in the chat room:
Friday, January 16th, 2004
From 8-10PM (GMT)
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