Chat and G-Match/T-Match

Friday the 13th. A perfect date for a Team Meeting. Join us in the chat roo

and tell us if you believe in superstitions.
Or... if you need help in using the site.
Or... if you have a special request.

We can also discuss the scoring puzzles issue. For more information take a look at the "Scoring Puzzles" topic under Discussions forum.

Or... you can help us in thinking how to re-build the system of calculating the points (difficulty) of the puzzles. In other words - tell us what makes a puzzle to be difficult and we will try to program your thoughts.

Friday, February 13th, 2004
6-8pm (GMT)

A few hours after the meeting, when the 13th ends and the 14th starts... expect a special treat for a special date in the calendar. :-)
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