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Mouse wheel color selection

Mouse wheel color selection
4/24/07 5:26 AM
I can get a 40 x 30 to fit on my screen and still see what I'm doing. That's larger than I will most likely ever attempt to solve. Therefore, I don't need the mouse wheel for vertical scrolling. Would it be possible to make the mouse wheel change the color mapping of mouse button one? Leave button two set to color one and button three set two color zero. Just cycle button one through colors two and up with the mouse wheel.

Also, a small box following the mouse pointer showing the current mouse button one color mapping would be nice. I find myself looking up to see the color mapping and then having trouble finding where I was.
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Re: Mouse wheel color selection
4/24/07 8:23 AM as a reply to axorion.
you can use the number keys to change the colors of the mouse buttons.
here is the text out of the tutorial:

"You can also select colors by using a keyboard key (1-9, a-z):
Keyboard key - places colors in the Left mouse button.
Shift+Keyboard key - places colors in the Right mouse button.
Use the number 0 for ? - clearing a colored square IN the grid and make it empty."

with this method you don`t have to move the mouse to the clues and can`t lose your place where you just worked on. one other effect: it`s much faster and helps beating the solving midtime ...
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