Extra markers
4/28/07 7:10 PM

I'm working on Wanderers, a complex multi colored puzzle. The new option for the combined X/O marker is a big help for puzzles like this one. Still, I could use some more markers. Maybe we could have more symbols, maybe even the whole alphabet? At some point it would be hard to remember which symbol stands for what color though. What about having colored markers as well? An orange O could mean, has to be orange (or background), an orange X would mean, can't be orange, but could be any of the other colors.

The marker would be put on the screen the same way it's now, but it would get the color of the left mouse key. Mind you - having more symbols in combination with colored ones would be the best help. (that way I would finally find the courage to go back to Miss Tress :winkemoticon

Jelga :color:
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Re: Extra markers
4/28/07 11:44 PM as a reply to Jelga ..
Jelga, I won't dispute your request for more markers. More would be good! But I do the colored ones already: There's the O with question mark, the O with color 1, the O with color 2, etc. As you say, you have to be really clear what it all means, and if you have to save and leave it it's worth making notes emoticon But it's very useful! And since the markers and colors remove differently, it makes it easy to alter without getting too confused. emoticon

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