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What I Still Miss in the new iGridd

What I Still Miss in the new iGridd
5/11/07 4:35 PM
saving puzzles localy

I was very pleased that this function has been implemented. It means that the author does not loose his work and has constant access to it. However, the localy saved puzzle uses a strange file format that none of the software is capable to recognize, just the iGridd applet. Since the possibilities of iGridd as picture editing software are very limited, I would like to vote for a change in saving the puzzle localy:

- let the griddler to be saved as a standard GIF graphics file

Advantages are obvious: this way the author would be able to make changes in the puzzle in graphical editors that have dozens of useful functions... A GIF graphics file is small, I think even smaller than the internal format of the iGridd.

date of publishing

I think that adding another column to the authors statistics would have some value of information - the date of when the puzle has been published.

Thanx for considering these suggestions,

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