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Allow Smaller Multi's

Allow Smaller Multi's
8/22/07 11:14 PM
I would personally like to see some more multi's that are made up of segments of 10x10 or 15x15. a lot of times I want to do do a puzzle that only takes 5-10 minutes, yet I also am somewhat addicted to the idea of a picture made up of 50 or more parts. They wouldnt (probably) be very difficult compared to some of the other puzzles on this site, but I for one would enjoy greatly doing them-- a nice picture that can be worked in between classes, on lunch breaks, etc without having to stop in the middle of the puzzle constantly

Ill link a few examples, these are both 16-part 15x15 puzzles

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Re: Allow Smaller Multi's
8/30/07 7:07 AM as a reply to Aelia.
i think that second puzzle would fail by current puzzle creation standards. One of the block has less than the required value of background color and im not certain it would be approved.

1/2 of the problems with creating multis is tweeking them to make them work so that A. The computer can solved it. And B. The background color percentage is correct. And lastly C. You dont lose the image you were going for.

I'm certain someone will come to rescue though and creat just what it is you need. Theres so many good authors here.


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