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2 Million Triddler Solvers can't be wrong...

I love the Triddlers, and I'm glad it finally made it to the 2 Million solved mark (drat, I was off by one...)


Looking forward to the next million!
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Re: 2 Million Triddler Solvers can't be wrong...
3/16/07 3:02 AM as a reply to Stephen Staver.
I'm also glad to finally get to 2 million solved triddlers. It's amazing considering that no one person has solved more than 3790 puzzles!
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Re: 2 Million Triddler Solvers can't be wrong...
3/19/07 5:58 AM as a reply to Stephen Staver.
Haha! Well, considering it's harder to masterfully create a triddler...

that or triddlers take more brain power that some people just don't have.

I mean, I have problems solving larger puzzles..
but that's probably because they take so long to solve, and my monitor isn't big enough to see the whole puzzle properly in detail, even zoomed out...

Although, I am having enough of a time solving the mulitude of Griddlers and Triddlers that have low solve time. I usually like Gridders as a time waster for those in-between projects.
Although, honestly, I haven't been able to play Griddlers as much as I used to, considering college and other side computer projects of my own get in the way... but I am proud of my hours and hours logged onto and solving T/Griddlers. I know that many many many people have more time than me, like those who have solved nearly every puzzle (or at least more than I), but 126 hours on Griddlers puzzles, and 88 on Triddlers. It's simply amazing (I really need to spend more time on Griddlers, they both need the same amount of attention.. although Triddlers have less puzzles)

Ok, enough of my babble.
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