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RE: Enchanted Forest 113226

RE: Enchanted Forest 113226
2/15/12 9:00 PM
Hello, from what I see, there is no logical reason for the 7 clue in row 1 to be placed as you have it. It could be between columns 19-25 and have the 8 and 9 clues in row 2 actually fit. Using multiline solving, it definitely cannot be placed with its leftmost portion in columns 1-4, or its rightmost portion in columns 27-30. Therefore it could actually fit anywhere between column 5-26.

I suggest you keep trying to find more overlap. Assuming everything is correct in the bottom right corner, 3 squares of the 10 clue in row 6 can be placed in columns 16-18. 4 squares of the 10 clue in row 11 can be placed in columns 14-17. The 8 clue in column 11 can have 5 squares placed in rows 14-18. This should be plenty to keep you going and keep looking for that overlap. Good luck.
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