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Problem with Word Search #10 (Nitrogen)


I think there might be a problem in puzzle WordSearch #10 (Nitrogen) and this problem could certainly appear in other puzzles in the future. Some words appear more than one time in the grid.

In #10, the word "CAST" appears (at least) two times. It is a problem, because depending which one we find, it will affect the solution. For example in my case, I obtain the solution "living otrgancis", which is obviously wrong even if I can understand what should be the correct solution.
Moreover, even if I received the "Solved successfully." message, the puzzle does not appear as being successful in my list of puzzles.

In case, this "problem" is not a problem, but just part of the puzzle (maybe we need to find which occurence of the word we need to remove), this remark is useless and can thus be deleded immediately emoticon

Best regards
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RE: Problem with Word Search #10 (Nitrogen)
2/26/12 7:19 PM as a reply to Fanfoue Fanfoue.
Problem solved, the puzzle has been replaced.
Thank you for solving the issue so fast.

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RE: Problem with Word Search #10 (Nitrogen)
2/26/12 7:23 PM as a reply to Fanfoue Fanfoue.
Hey, you noticed it before I replied in the forum. 
This way I appologize to other solvers that I had to delete saved puzzles.
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