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Need some help...

Need some help...
9/7/12 2:15 PM
Hi everyone, how are you today?
I will be so greatful for a little help.
This one drived me crazy for a few hours, and i ready to give up.

Catagory: Games and Toys, Griddlers Riddles, What goes in the middle?
No. 80881.

Also, from solving almost piece in this multy griddler, i can honestly say that the ones with less points are more difficult then the ones with more then 50,000 points! they where piece of cake!!!!

Nice weekend!!



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RE: Need some help...
9/7/12 4:16 PM as a reply to לירן קול.
In rows 15,16,17,18 you can place some of the last blue clues
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