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20x20 Printout Help

20x20 Printout Help
9/13/12 10:12 AM
Need some help on this one, guys. Just started to learn MLS and the more complex techniques, but I've exhausted my abilities on this.
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RE: 20x20 Printout Help
9/10/12 7:16 PM as a reply to Domenic182 ..
Hello there!

First of all, you got one square of the 3-clue in column 3, which you can extend with one more square. Now you will be able to finish the first 2-clue of row 12.

The more important part:
Check the square in row 5, column 11. If this square would be a coloured, you would have to extend it to the left (columns 8-11) because of the 4-clue in row 5. If this would be the case, the squares r4c9, r4c10, r4c11 should be coloured! (you know why?). Fortunately this is impossible, because you can only have one more 2-clue in row 4!

So after reading this wall of text you now know that the r5c11 is part of the background, so you can draw a cross in it.
This is however a crucial step, because you can now conclude that the square in row 3, column 11, is part of the 1-clue, and you should be able to continue quite nicely!

With the MLS method you can conclude, almost the same way as I did above, that r5c10 should be background as well.
2nd Edit:
With the MLS method you can conclude that lots of squares of row 5 are background!

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RE: 20x20 Printout Help
9/11/12 10:55 PM as a reply to Ivo ..
Thanks so much ivotjah! Very helpful for this and future puzzles.
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