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Block count not showing in new applet

Block count not showing in new applet
7/9/13 10:58 PM
You know how in the upper right corner of the new applet, whenever you're drawing a new line or block, it'll tell you the size of it? At least, it did that for me whenever I had a subscription and used the iGridd applet, and it was doing that shortly after the iGridd got added to the browser itself. The last time I played here was late December - I had the free subscription you gave everyone then, and I was getting the block count just fine. However, when I came back to play today, it's not working. The box where the numbers are supposed to show up is still there, the numbers just never appear. It works on the old applet (where it shows in the middle-left of the screen), but not on the old.

Any idea what's going on? I like the newer applet a lot more than the old, but solving larger puzzles is tedious when I have to count the blocks in my line manually, to the point where I'll stick with the old applet if that's what it takes to have the automatic count.
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