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Solving time

Solving time
2/20/13 2:08 PM
Do you consider bragging when a person comments on a puzzle with their solving time?

I sometimes post my time. For three distinct reasons:

1) if my time is extremely below the average time. i wonder if some user just left the puzzle on and went for a walk/shower/eat and then finished the puzzle two hours later, which creates an unrealistic average time. I personally do not like puzzles that take too long to solve. so, when i come across puzzles with average time of 3 hours that have a comment from someone saying that it only took them 55 minutes to solve, it gets me in the mood to solve it.

2) bragging! yes, i confess, I sometimes brag when I think my time is so so good.

3) someone commented that their time was, for example 2 minutes. if I took 20 minutes I will post just to show other solvers which might be feeling bad about their own time that they are not the only ones with a slower solving time. I am not saying those solvers are lying, I know there are some pretty quick solvers out there. on the last t-match for example, it took me twice as long as one of the solvers to solve MY OWN triddler! can you imagine? i knew what was in the picture, I should have had some advantage, but no, there are some quick quick solvers out there.
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