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Giraffe 60556

Giraffe 60556
3/5/13 1:56 PM
I knew I'd be back!

This is the point where the logic deserts. From trial and error, I'm pretty sure the single dark in column 9 is in row 19, leading into the block of 4 dark in that row but I can't find a logical way there. Equally, I'm sure the block of three dark in column 44 starts below row 16 but again, I can't get there without trial and error. Also for the block of 3 light in the top row which abuts the second set of 3 dark, if I'm right. Who knows? Help!
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RE: Giraffe 60556
3/5/13 9:38 PM as a reply to Debra.
If noone else steps in before friday, I will take a look at it then. Couple of really long days at work ahead of me emoticon
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RE: Giraffe 60556
3/8/13 8:11 AM as a reply to Debra.
OK, here we go!!

First there are a couple of 'obvious' x's and o's you can fill in (all marked in red)

Row 10, columns 40/42: The single light has to be a 1, so the adjacent spaces CANNOT BE light --> X
Row 4, column 26: the first light clue after the light 7 is a 2 and that doesn't fit there --> X
Row 6, columns 15/16: No matter if the dark 2 is the dark 2, or part of the dark 3, those 2 spaces CANNOT BE dark --> O
Column 39, rows 10/14/15: The single dark in column 39, row 12 always has 3 lights on each side (no matter what dark clue it is). That means that the places I marked CANNOT be dark --> O

Now for the 'real' clue emoticon

First the blue marker in row 14/column 43: After you have placed the O in column 39/row 14, start counting to the right of that o. There is one dark spot in column 41 that either is part of the dark 2, or the dark 3 clue. EITHER WAY, the spot I marked in blue CANNOT BE dark! --> O
Now look at the yellow marker in row 15/column 43: The dark 2 you already have in that column is part of the dark 4-clue. Above the dark 4, the first dark clue is a 2, and that doesn't fit in the place I marked yellow --> O
The green marker in row 15/column 44 is an obvious one now I think.

After placing those 3 O's, take a closer look at column 44, you will find that you can continue quite nicely now (I think/hope) emoticon

I hope everything I explained is clear, good luck with the rest of the puzzle!!


PS: right click on the image and choose 'open image in new window' to see the whole image
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RE: Giraffe 60556
3/10/13 6:53 PM as a reply to Maarten de Heer.
Thank you so much. I will try very hard to do the last quarter on my lonesome. (Expect to hear from me again in 6 months.)
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