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Colors beyond Z

Colors beyond Z
3/18/13 4:19 AM
Ok, so I love the huge multi-griddlers, but I can't always see every color - I know there are more (usually the two-triangle colors) beyond what the applet gives me, and they don't have a "key code" as it were (red=a, so on.) I can get a few using shift and pressing [, ], \, but that's it. I KNOW there are more, because the puzzle calls for colors I can't access. HELP!
P.S. I use a Mac and Firefox if that helps.
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RE: Colors beyond Z
3/18/13 6:59 AM as a reply to kelgadis ..
Hi, you are right, there are 8+2*8*7=120 poissible color combinations. It is mutch more than letters in latin alphabet.
You can easily choose the color from clues area. Just click the number by left or right mouse button.

You can see it in Help .

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