Error in Puzzle

76501 error

76501 error
3/26/13 4:39 PM
Found an error on this puzzle...column 32 and row 19. EVERYTHING else lines up perfectly in the puzzle, except these two rows. I've counted the lines numerous times and can't see anything i did wrong. I realize there's some background space at the top of the column and to the left of the row, but moving the rest of the lines into those spaces would throw the picture off and would mess up the other lines, which are correct. The issue seems to be that in row 19, there's three white "1" spaces, but there should only be two, and in the column, there's "5, 1, 2" for white spaces, but it should just be "5, 2" to make the puzzle correct. although considering that part of the picture is right in the middle of pebbles' hair, it really should just be "8" white spaces in the column and "3" white spaces in the row to fill that entire space in. I've attached a screenshot for review.
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RE: 76501 error
3/26/13 4:55 PM as a reply to mattlayton86 ..
There are two colors quite similar in this puzzle: color #7 is close to #5 and that is what is confusing you in row 19. There are two whites with a light yellow one in between. It will help to change the default color of one of those!

Have fun solving,

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