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130136 - Cheetah

130136 - Cheetah
3/26/13 8:49 PM
I'm stuck and I don't know where to go next. Please help emoticon



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RE: 130136 - Cheetah
3/29/13 7:33 AM as a reply to radzioo.
Delete the large red area, you went a bit wrong there. Also the single red block in column 43 is wrong, that has to be background, because the black below it is part of the black 1-1 clue.

The blue spot I marked in column 43 has to be orange (it is part of the orange 2-clue in that row)

And in row 5 I marked the orange 2-black 1 clue, because there is only one place where that can go.

Tip: Mark the backgrounds very carefully as well, they are as important as the clues (for example you can fill in background in rtow 4 (that's finished) and also in parts of row 5, and that's how you can find out quickly that there is only one place for the orange 2 and black 1) Also very helpful in puzzles like this is the marking of x's and o's. If you are not too familiar with them, I can explain the use of them using this image if you want. It reduces the need to guess, and consequently it reduces the mistakes you make by guessing wrong emoticon

Good luck, Maarten
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