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Do You Want To Run This Application?

Do You Want To Run This Application?
4/24/13 9:03 AM
I had this issue before (see attachment at bottom) and sent the following message to the Griddlers team:
Is there any way to stop the griddlers from automatically opening in the java applet?  I prefer the old applet, and every time I open a new  puzzle, I have to click run (see attachment). Then when I press 'show  old applet' button, I have to click run again.  Even after I check the  box that says 'do not show this again for this app.'  Java community boards and faqs say that there is no way to stop that from popping up.  I also have to latest java update installed on my computer. 

Basically, I wouldn't mind having to press the 'run' button for each puzzle once.  But having to press it twice gets annoying.  Especially when I don't  click run and then I click on something else on my computer screen.  It pretty much freezes my browser and I can't do anything else until I reload all tabs.

I fixed it with help from the forum before.

But now I am having the issue again.  I can't find the answer in the forum, and I can't find the link that I used before.

I would appreciate some help on how to stop it from happening again. 

Thank you,
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RE: Do You Want To Run This Application?
4/24/13 9:21 AM as a reply to Lauren N.
Read what Ra100 suggests in HERE or use Firefox. If you choose to use Firefox, update the browser and then - when you activate the plugin, notice a small icon to the left of the address bar, where is. Click it and select "Always activate Java for this site". It'll save you those extra clicks you need to do when opening a puzzle.
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