Can't post to forum . Firefox 20.0.1

Can't post to forum . Firefox 20.0.1
4/25/13 4:55 AM
Hi all,
on Firefox 20.0.1 on a laptop with Windows8 (not RT), I can't post nothing to the forum, because I don't see the text field.
Therefore, I uses the Internet Explorer 10 (with default settings) for posting, where I can see the text field. But can't add line breaks (Zeilenumbruch) there. I am writting this text in a editor and copied it to the text field. And after copying, two line breaks become no one after copying.
I also have some problems with diplaying other posts. The "answering"-line with "answer", "answer with quote" ... is overlays the posted text.
And I also can't change the sites languange on firefox. Nothing is happen when clicking on "Sprache:German"
On another computer with WinXP and Firefox (something about version 13) everything worked fine.
Any ideas?
Thanks and greetings,
Sorry for not posting more details, but I don't post much in forum, therefore I didn't mentioned this issues earlier.
Luckily with solving griddlers, everything works fine.
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RE: Can't post to forum . Firefox 20.0.1
4/25/13 6:44 AM as a reply to Jana ..
I can't help you much with this issue. There are also other forums with this problem on W8:

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