Request: Message Box "Sent" Box

Request: Message Box "Sent" Box
5/4/13 2:38 AM
I know you're not trying to be an e-mail service, but I would like to be able to review what I've sent someone via Message Box after I've sent it.  As it is now, unless I think about copying and pasting it somewhere else I lose any record of what I've sent them.


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RE: Request: Message Box "Sent" Box
5/4/13 2:45 AM as a reply to Mud Shark.
Tell you what I do:
I get the messages in my email account. I set a separate folder in my Outlook for griddlers. Actually, I have several folders since I need to deal with a lot of messages. When I reply I not only do it via the message box, I also send an email to myself. This way I keep the conversation to myself as well.
And yes, we are not an email service. It will put a lot of stress on the server if we tried to become one.
Sorry, Mud.
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