Binary 5 x 5
5/5/13 3:31 AM
It is impossible binary 5 x 5, because in one line are not the same number of 0 and 1. How kan we do ?
É impossível resolver binary 5 x 5, pois na mesma linha não haverá mesma quantidade de 1 e de 0.  Qual a solução ?
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RE: Binary 5 x 5
5/6/13 3:16 PM as a reply to Paulo Felipe Becker.
Over in the Error in Puzzle subsection, under the topic Binary puzzles 11250 and 11132, Ra100 answered:
Binary puzzle size is number of 5X5 squares. When the line length is odd
number, then the number of 1 is one more than number of 0.

I tried that, and it seems to work (in other words, there should be 3 1s and 2 0s in each row and column).  Why it doesn't say that, well, who knows?
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