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Some options that would be great

Some options that would be great
8/18/13 12:19 AM
1) It's sometimes really hard to follow what you're doing, especially when there are lots of numbers on a row or column. There should be an option when a line has been filled from an end that hints would be dimmed so you wouldn't count them while searching for the rest. I don't know if what I'm saying is clear, but imagine there's a line saying 10/5/7/8, and you have found the group of 8 and there's white until the end of the board, then the 8 would be greyed, or inverted in a way, or would have some sign on it, I dunno, just so you know you found it, it would be clearer.

2) There should be an option to invert hints position. I mean, they always stick to the board, which is cool to make conclusions on the right and bottom ends when you play color griddlers. So there should be an option so the hints would stick the other direction, in order to have the same ease to make conclusions on the top and left borders.

3) This would also be cool if, when the mid time had been set, that the chronometer would be green under mid time and became red when you'd go over it, just to be more noticeable.

I dunno if it's easy to do such things, I don't even know if I was understandable, if not, I'll try to do some pictures to explain.

Thanks for reading.
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