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Create a New Puzzle for Hagit

Create a New Puzzle for Hagit
9/8/13 6:26 PM
Hi, I never usually get on forums or chats but wanted to offer my condolences for Hagit Maor.  I visit this site daily and can't say enough how much I appreciate all the people who make it possible.  I only knew Hait as hagitm but she always answered our questions kindly and patiently and was helpful when it came to creating new puzzles.  This week I created a new puzzle of a flower bouquet and titled it "Flowers for Hagit. Thank You.".  I suggest that all the puzzle creators amongst us might make a new flower puzzle and submit it with a title dedication to Hagit (or maybe for all the good people who keep this site going for us).  Thank you.
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RE: Create a New Puzzle for Hagit
9/11/13 9:44 AM as a reply to ld5.
This a very good idea. Triddler 12296 has a frangipani flower (very common in my contry) and it is called "A Flower for Hagit. Thank you"
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