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Using Windows 8, trying to load Triddlers, Java confusion?

Well, I wasn't expecting to have tech support be my first post on the forums, but there you are.

I recently upgraded my machine to Win 8 (since XP was no longer being supported by M$) and I'm getting used to this new 64-bit environment.  I've been able to upgrade Java so that my Minecraft works, but when I try to play Triddlers, it tells me I 'need' Java.  I - think I already have Java, though?  Regular Griddlers work just fine.

I'm reasonably tech-savvy, just not always Java-savvy, so if there's more information that would be helpful, tell me what I should bring.
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RE: Using Windows 8, trying to load Triddlers, Java confusion?
4/21/14 4:59 AM as a reply to Miaren.
what almost always woks:
  1. Uninstall Java
  2. Download offline installer
  3. Close browser
  4. Install Java
Here is a short article about 64 vs 32bit version
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