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This is the place to run Java applet. Please visit to install

everything was working fine yesterday and all previous days then this morning the above message appeared whenever I try to open a puzzle.   I have not made any changes to my computer other than when this problem first occurred I uninstalled Java 7 and reinstalled it to try to resolve it with no success.    I am using explorer in windows 8 desktop, but that is no different than yesterday or the days before.   Have you made some site changes overnight, if not have you any suggestion to resolve this.   thanks for your help in this matter.
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RE: This is the place to run Java applet. Please visit to inst
9/5/14 10:21 AM as a reply to john lever.
the setup which usually works:
1. Uninstall All Java version
2. Download offline installer from this page ( JRE version 8 or 7)
3. Close browser
4. Install Java.
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Thanks Ra,   that worked but then java would not work in Chrome, however after a couple more unistalls and retries it all seemks to be working now.
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