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NLP feature requests

NLP feature requests
10/5/14 12:22 AM
hi Rasto,

Some NLP requests - please let me know if any of those is already planned/rejected/will be added to backlog etc.

1. When undoing a pencilmark deletion the numbers aren't ordered.
e..g 123 -> (delete) -> 13 -> (undo) -> 132

2. My strategy of solving some of the harder puzzles, is starting by putting all possible values in all cells as pencilmarks, then perform elimination. It would save a lot of time to have a button in the menu and/or a key binding for filling all the possible values in a single cell or all of them.

3. For some keyboards, like my laptop's keyboard, '0' and '1' are far from each other, making the binary puzzles a bit harder to solve with one hand to navigate and one to mark.
Optional alternative keys will be nice. Even '1' and '2' can work. The marks can still be '1' and '0'.

4. For puzzles with more than 9 values, when we start using letters, the 'abc...' isn't always the most comfortable since they are scattered among the keyboard.
Optional alternative of consecutive keys would be nice. maybe 'qwerty...'

5. I suggest to replace the current check/penalty mechanism with "on the fly" mechanism, that will give immediate feedback when completing row/col/block, with the red/green colour, similar to griddlers/triddles. The mechanism doesn't have to be perfect, just like the triddlers one not always catch the bas cases, but it will be better then the current one.
In short, the current mechanism is bad because it allows easy cheating, and unforgiving for small mistakes, while the one I suggest will allow faster solving and catching small mistakes much sooner. I know this request is harder than the others since there are different puzzles with different rules to check for, but I think it's worth it.
If needed I'm willing to help with the actual code logic for this one, both writing and testing - I can do Java/JavaScript.
Kind Regards,
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RE: NLP feature requests
11/16/14 5:25 PM as a reply to Aharon (raist).

I agree with all these suggestions, and also have one of my own: would it be possible to see all puzzles of one sort in one list? E.g. Greater/Less Than: there are fifteen sub-categories of this puzzle, some of which I have completed all of, others I haven't, and it would be useful to be able to see them all together if possible so I can easily see which ones I have left to do.

This is not meant as a criticism, merely a suggestion.  As always, many thanks for all your hard work.

Kind regards,

Chris (TheLastEnemy)
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RE: NLP feature requests
5/18/16 10:47 AM as a reply to Aharon (raist).

I should have updated this long time ago - I've implemented the first 3 suggestions:
- I've fixed item 1
- now you can use '-' key in order to put all possible options in current cell as pencilmarks (when in pencilmark mode)
- in binary puzzles, '2' key works like '0'.

I've implemented and delivered those a while back and they should work for everyone by now.

Not to ignore your points:
3. first, notice this is alternative, I don't force anyone to solve differently, just give another option. I'm guessing you didn't know and it didn't bother you this option exist.
I actually have a PC now with full keyboard but still use the numbers line since I use my right hand for navigations with the arrows.
4. Again, the suggestion was to have an alternative option, but I didn't implement anyway, partially since with item 2 implemented this seems a bit too much.
5. Think about it as red/green lines with griddlers - I suppose you wouldn't want to dismiss those as well. However they are not giving you information you couldn't check for yourself, unlike the current highlight mecahnism, which I don't like as well.
Anyway I didn't implement it since it was more complicated than other suggestions and needed some extra info from the server.
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RE: NLP feature requests
5/18/16 9:28 PM as a reply to Aharon (raist).
I actually have working code with '=' key to fill all cells with all possible solutions. I intend to ask Rasto to add it sometime.
In the case you mentioned '0' is not valid but is possible, as you can try and see for yourself, manually.
I can probably fix it if I'm revisiting the code but no promises.

What I meant in 3 - when you solve 'binary' puzzle, you can use either '0' or '2' keys to mark a cell as '0'.

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RE: NLP feature requests
5/19/16 7:54 AM as a reply to Aharon (raist).
I will try to make it clear.
It is true that according to the rules of those puzzles, there shouldn't be '0' in the solution.
However, when you are on a cell and pressing the '0' key you will have '0' in the cell. That's what I mean by "possible".
This is indeed frustrating, not only because it's not valid but also because you can't use '0' for deletion and if you use space bar instead it deletes and scroll down the page.

Please understand my current implementation for '-' is just going over the possible keys and adding them to the pencilmarks.
I think we get this possible keys list from the server, which I have no access to, but as I said I can probably fix it on my side but I can't tell you if and when I'll do it.
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RE: NLP feature requests
5/19/16 10:38 AM as a reply to Aharon (raist).
Thanks for the explanation. very much appreciated.

1) From what I understand, it must be a server or puzzle definition problem.
2) In regards to clearing the cell, can't "Delete" key supplement "Backspace" key?
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RE: NLP feature requests
5/19/16 11:17 AM as a reply to ybb.
Theoretically adding another key for deletion should be rather easy. If and when I revisit the code I'll do that as well.
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