Triddler Colors
3/23/16 7:04 PM
It would be very helpful to be able to change the color palatte for Triddlers. With the light grey background, and most puzzles using white for "empty" spaces, they are too close in color on a computer screen. it is extremely hard to see when a space has been marked as empty. Being able to switch to a distinct color would make doing triddlers much more enjoyable for me at least!
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RE: Triddler Colors
4/30/16 11:19 PM as a reply to Jessi.
Hi all,
I couldn't agree more. I had to do some larger Triddlers to complete my fifth star and found that reading a white number on a light yellow block was impossible to distinguish. Even more so when considering having to shrink the picture to see the clues on all sides. The option to change the colour pallette has been added to Griddlers already (and I've made use of it several times) so why not add the extra features to Triddlers as well. Living in hope .... Thanks.
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