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Hding partial solved puzzle

Hding partial solved puzzle
3/14/17 10:31 AM
HI i used  to the very last the java version but with the last update firefox doesn't support anymore and i'm forced to used the "new" applenet...there are lots of thing that i
don't like  (and i reckon i will get used to them) but there's one thing that i don't stand: when you solve a multigridder the parts that are solved are shown while in the old java version you could have the "surprise" to see the completed puzzle . And also in the old version you could see the time it took to finish each part and i don't see there any way to fix them? I tried also with Explorer but also with it i can't use the java there any other browser that support the old version? thanks
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RE: Hding partial solved puzzle
3/14/17 2:56 PM as a reply to countryfan countryfan.

You can still use "new Java" by using Internet Explorer browser.
Please refer to this guide - for assistance.

Other than that I truly recommend Subscription which will let you use our Offline/Online Advanced Java Applet.
You may learn more about subscription benefits at -
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