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Lite version for solving

Lite version for solving
4/25/17 6:33 AM
Since the end of support of java in Firefox I am trying to use the Lite version for solving puzzles (the only accessible for me). There are some features that I am missing (maybe I did not found some them):

1. The possibility to mark more "solved numbers" in a simple way, e.g. using the mouse drag (as it is in non-lite versions or for marking blocks in the griddler). This substantially reduces the solving time and the work one should do. E.g., if I solve the ends of all rows for a 50x50 griddler then instead of a simple drag over the last "number column" I should click on every number of this column (i.e., 50-times).

2. The possibility to mark "solved number", i.e., not changing the mark/unmark status if it has been marked already. This is related to the point 1: it happens that I "unmark" a number unintentionally (misplacing the mouse a bit) and hence I need one more click to mark it again.

3. Total times for multigriddlers (solver, mid time) in the statistics.

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