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Java Certificate issue

Java Certificate issue
6/20/18 5:24 AM
When I try to log in using WebStart, I get a message below the 'Remember' checkbox saying: java.secur...

I assume there is more, but I don't know how to see it. Why is this appearing, and how can I access iGridd again?
(Attached image of dialog box)



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RE: Java Certificate issue
6/20/18 5:41 AM as a reply to . ..
Hi, as far as I know, on thursday and friday we had uncomplete ssl certificate on the server. Since saturday it is fixed. Now I tested the application on Java10 and Java8 and both are fine.
It is possible, that you have older version of JVM which does not recognize our new ssl certifiace. You can see the Java version in Java Control Panel.
Best regards,Rasto
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