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Why is Java not working ( again )?

Why is Java not working ( again )?
5/15/19 2:28 PM
I'm starting a new thread for this, since the bug is different from the last time. When I click on the iGridd applet, it tells me: " Server returned HTTP respon...".

I tried Rasto's total reinstall, from a July 4, 2014 post:
1. Go to Java control panel - uninstall iGridd
2. Uninstall Java
3. Download offline Java installer
4. install java
5. Install iGridd
but I am still getting the same message as above.

Any ideas?

Update: Could it have something to do with the "Important Oracle Java License Update"  of April 16th?
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RE: Why is Java not working ( again )?
5/15/19 3:04 PM as a reply to Professor.
Same here! And I can't even get the list of 55276 griddlers
Looks like the whole site is messed up at the moment - crashed ????
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RE: Why is Java not working ( again )?
5/15/19 4:46 PM as a reply to Paul Kaye.
Thanks, Paul. After reading your reply, I was heartened to find that I was not alone, and that it might be a real bug. So I tried my iGridd icon once more, and it worked!!! I love it when thing fix themselves!
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