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Star Levels List

Star Levels List
03/01/18 23:34
Is there a list of the requirements for each star level somewhere?
I would like to be able to start the level 5 requirements while I wait for a G-Match to start so I can finish off level 4. 
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RE: Star Levels List
04/01/18 08:09 en réponse à Kat Dachniwsky.
Hi, you can use the key to skip some tasks. 
Level 5:
Solve 3 Griddlers that have at least 500,000 points.
Solve 3 Triddlers that have at least 20,000 points.
Solve the MultiGriddler "What Book is She Reading?" 63482

Solve the riddle "What Book is She Reading?" Find the 19 letters that are hidden in the image of the Multigriddler and unscramble them to get the title of the book:
- - - - | - - - | - - - | - - - - - - - - -
4 words in English, replace | with spaces.

Need help? 
Look for clues on the table, under it, or out of the window.
Use Google or Wikipedia to help you in wording the exact title of the book.
Use the forum or the message box to consult with users who already solved the riddle.

Solve at least 100 NLP puzzles of any type.
Post at least one message in the forum. For example, you can post a message in the thread "All About You" (under the category "Community") and tell us "How you Got your Username" or "The Story Behind your Avatar". You can also "Get Help in Solving" or "Help Someone in Solving" (under the category "Puzzle World").
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