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igrid applet
09/09/18 07:53
Here we go again! I just made the mistake of upgrading Java to the latest version, 1.8.0_181. And they've made it impossible for me to use the igrid applet - again!  I download it, click on it, and it asks me what program I want to use to open it. How do I know? It never asked me before! So I'm asking anybody - what program do I use to open it, so I can continue solving griddlers?
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RE: igrid applet
09/09/18 09:01 en réponse à Professor.
I found a solution in an old post of mine from July 4, 2014. Ra said to do a total reinstall, which I did ( not without difficulty ), and it worked. I even found a way to put the applet in my Start Menu. Thanks, Ra, for helping me 4 years ago!
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