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Nonogram help

Nonogram help
23/01/19 08:35

I recently got an app where I solve nonograms, called Logic Pic (on iOS). Now I am stuck on one level though, and Hope someone here kan help me. The category is called Big Levels and I am on level 25. I have been searching the web for help and it seems that some people have a different level than I... Maybe the app has been updated or something...

Below you can see where I am at..
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RE: Nonogram help
23/01/19 09:52 en réponse à Epersson88.
The square marked in red can't be either of the 3s, it must be a 1. Sadly, that's all I can spot that I can solve using single lines techniques, so I'd try multi line solving. Look at the 10 in row 5, e.g.: If you place it directly at the left, you'll get a 4 in row 6. So the second square in row 5 can only be background.
The 6 in the last row would be another place to try this technique.

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