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Theme Search / Percent Completed
30/01/13 2.01
I like solving the holiday themed griddlers and multi-griddlers at the time of year they occur.  For some of the holidays (especially Christmas) it is time consuming to have to click on every sub category for a list of puzzles.  Can there be a folder at the top of each sub level that includes all puzzles for that grouping?

For example:
When you expand the "Valentines Day" folder, underneath you would see the folders for all the kinds of puzzles but there would be one labeled "All" and when selected you would be able to see all griddlers, multi, and triddlers.

Also, I seem to remember a column long ago which was labeled "Percent Completed".  Could that be added?  I kind of liked knowing how much I had remaining percentage wise.

Just some suggestions.  I hope you can work these in without too much trouble.

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