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Block size indicators for triddlers

Block size indicators for triddlers
30/07/14 0.17
Something that would make solving triddlers much less tedious and much more fun would be a guide to how many picture elements are in a block. One way to do this would be to use a small (moveable) sub-window. When the mouse pointer hovers for a long enough time (minimum of 3-5 seconds), the window could be painted with a copy of the picture element over which the mouse pointer is hovering. Each of the three sides of the triangle would have two arrows  with a number at the pointing end showing how many picture elements in the direction of the arrow have the same color as the one over which the mouse is hovering.

I'm thinking that it would be too distracting to repaint the window whenever the mouse moved to a new triangle, but also too distracting if the window popped up and vanished depending on hover time. So I think the window would open whenever the main triddler puzzle window opened, but would be blank except during long hovering times.

Speaking as a programmer, it doesn't seem that hard a task to add this. I'd be happy to contribute code if I knew more about the data structures of the puzzle applet, to know how to count the picture elements.
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