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Finding Multis without Triangles

Finding Multis without Triangles
19/07/16 17.59

I've tried to use the search filters, but it only searches single puzzles. For example, a 12-part multi griddler: 7 parts are "no triangles" and the other 5 have them. When I search with the filters, my results include only the "no triangles" puzzles, which is fine, but then I move on to another part of the puzzle and I'm stuck with triangles (or even more colours)...

I would like to find an entire Multi with only 2 colours and no triangles!

Is there a way to search for that?

Thanks! emoticon
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RE: Finding Multis without Triangles
21/07/16 7.05 come risposta a Cate B.
we have this data - max colors and tringles for multi however there is no view filter how to use it. 
We should make entire new list for multis , filters and also results must be different. The preview image should contain a layout of entire puzzle.

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