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Puzzle secret Keys
19/06/17 21.34
The theme on “Games  and Toys> Games>  Puzzles> Griddlers Riddles” is very enjoyable. It enhances the pleasure from solving gridders / triddlers. I have doubts about many of my answers. Unfortunately, many of the authors are either inactive or rarely visit the site to receive confirmation.

I happened on the griddlers "Ask Uncle Google” by mooseroo. It provided clues to picture  via secret keys. Could you not use the same feature to provide answers to the puzzles? (May be the feature could be enhanced to warn the solvers that using the key would reveal the answer.)

Authors of the puzzles make tremendous effort in creating them. I am sure many of the pictures have inspired them. Sharing the information would make the puzzles more appreciative for the solver and provide even better voting practice. The same or similar feature to secret keys could be used provide authors notes.
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