Daily Puzzle
01/12/17 6.59
Hi there, new to the site, having fun :-)
I have a question about the daily Griddler - There seems to be no way of scoring it. When I finish, the picture is revealed in the puzzle tab, but where normally the scoring feature activates on the main site, there is nothing.
Am I missing something?
(Also, this is my first post, and I notice that I have to press Return twice to start a new line - is this normal?)
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RE: Daily Puzzle
07/12/17 9.26 come risposta a Sid Milburn.

In order to achieve score on puzzles you must be singed in.

As for posting in the forum I press return/enter once for new line so it could be a browser issue - try to test it on different browser.
For futher assistance please write us to:
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