Griddler Themes Suggestion

Griddler Themes Suggestion
21/02/19 12.23
Hello fellow Solvers!

This is a suggestion for the site developers and is up for dicussion for the rest of the sites users. This is my first time posting on these forums after a long time solving so please excuse me if this is the wrong forum or place to give suggestions.
My suggestion is for the Themes section of Griddler filters. I was thinking of an option to open all Griddlers within a single theme. Say you want to solve griddlers within the History and Government section, but you aren't looking for a particular time or place within that theme. You can open all the Griddlers within a set theme, and filter accordingly from there as you wish. That is my suggestion, but maybe its just too niche to bother with. I'm not a coder or developer and wouldn't know how long or how much effort would go into this, and if it would be worth it at all, but I guess that depends on how many would like to see this feature implemented.

Thank you for reading!
- CJ
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