Griddlers Cup

2020-apr-19 08:00

2020-apr-19 08:00
19/04/20 8.04

At today's Griddlers cup I quickly solved the puzzle.
I saw that I ended up in 2nd place.
Then I updated the results page to see which ones would soon reach the finish.
I did so until the first 80 had appeared.
THEN I find that I am now in 3rd place.
 tribblebasher has now taken my 2nd place.

Has anyone else noticed that similar has happened before?


Now that I update the page (in a new tab) I can see that it changes back and forth with my and tribblebasher's positions.

The same applies: 
ang77 and montemufflon in place 6 and 7
komanci2 and croozer in place 58 and 59
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RE: 2020-apr-19 08:00
19/04/20 21.04 come risposta a geminix.
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