Word Search Puzzles


Each Theme listed below contains a series of puzzles dedicated to a certain subject.
The number in brackets shows the number of puzzles in that theme.

*gt_Arts1* (60)

Abstract and subjective quality: can be studied, but cannot be objectively measured, counted, weighed, or compared.

*gt_Home1* (62)

Home improvement, decorating, remodeling, do-it-yourself, gardening and daily life chores.

*gt_Music1* (90)

Musical instruments as well as bands and artists, composers and players, singers and DJs.

*gt_Sports1* (71)

Competitive events involving physical exertion. Included are sports that may be recreational for most people.

*gt_TheAnimalKingdom1* (32)

Birds, insects, mammals, reptiles and amphibians. All creatures, great and small, can be found here.

*gt_ThePlantKingdom1* (20)

Use your "green thumbs" to enjoy a paradise of flowers, trees, veggies, fruits and other plant wonders.

*gt_WsImages* (4)

What is on the pictures? Define the proper term and search the word in the puzzle. Think of synonyms, broader or narrowed terms.