Bravo! I, too, have raised the average solving time!
Posted on 4/9/13 4:37 AM

hem zor hem güzel
Posted on 12/19/12 10:53 AM

yes brilliant, altho I have increased the average solving time quite a bit I think :-)
Posted on 12/12/12 9:20 AM

Posted on 11/3/12 10:30 AM

Excellent. Not too easy and not too predictable. Also, I love it when there are lots of colour. Thanks
Posted on 10/10/12 8:37 AM

Thank you, hyjukilo, for this wonderful puzzle. You managed to keep the character of Picassos picture very well. Much fun to solve ... more of these, please.
Posted on 10/5/12 5:49 PM

Un très bon niveau de difficulté, un excellent sujet et un très joli choix de couleur, le tout fait un puzzle merveilleux.
Thank you, Hyjukilo emoticon
Posted on 9/19/12 1:46 PM

Yes, I can imagine that it took a lot of time to create it, I just had a look at the tool to create a griddler, it is hard work.
Thank you for this one, it is interessting and challenging. Nice picture!
Posted on 8/6/12 10:51 PM

Good level of difficulty .. enjoyable challenge .. thank you
Posted on 8/6/12 3:52 PM

Thank you! It took me a lot of time to create it. I hope that all of you enjoy it.
Posted on 8/6/12 4:33 PM as reply to patootie