Phew! Just finished!!
Very gorgeous, and it looks exactly like her. I vote 6 out of 5 Sailor Scouts.
Fantastic job for doing not just her but all the other characters too. emoticon
Posted on 8/25/15 1:50 AM

Very nice pic, GJ, loved the mix of hard and easy parts. Continue to make beautiful puzzle.
Posted on 3/27/15 10:52 AM

Great puzzle.
Posted on 8/12/13 7:26 PM

I greatly enjoyed working on this puzzle and can't wait to start on the next couple. Thanks!
Posted on 7/9/13 7:01 PM

nie przepadam za Manga, ale ten film był ulubionym filmem mojej córki . Obecnie nadawany jest w TV6. Efekt całego obrazka znakomity.
Posted on 6/25/13 5:47 PM

Ciesze się, że się spodobał. Kolejny, największy (i myślę, że najładniejszy) już niedługo emoticon
Posted on 6/25/13 7:30 PM as reply to ala125

next Sailor's gridd ready no: 136303 emoticon
Posted on 6/24/13 2:04 PM

Enjoyed very much. Great challenge. I don't know Sailor Moon but I do love manga and anime. Thanks a whole bunch.
Posted on 6/21/13 2:46 AM

visit sometimes, because there will be more
Posted on 6/21/13 8:51 AM as reply to barlacey

Great grid! I like that the background wasn't always white space. Do you plan to do the other Sailors?
Posted on 6/19/13 10:41 PM

Yes, I plan make next emoticon
Posted on 6/20/13 10:02 AM as reply to hclove

I've never heard of Sailor Moon, and I know nothing about manga, but I enjoyed solving the easier parts of this puzzle. I won't finish the whole puzzle, because I don't have time to do all the parts. But that doesn't mean that I can't enjoy the puzzle.

I like puzzles with bright contrasting colors and clear boundaries. Most puzzles based on cartoons are like that.
Posted on 6/19/13 7:06 AM

It happens that someone solves, and he likes parts, but didn't like the final result. So I previously that this is manga, not everyone likes it. emoticon
By the way thank you for your constructive comment emoticon
Posted on 6/19/13 9:57 AM as reply to georgie

I really enjoyed this gridder, I liked the combination of the easy with the harder. I used to watch sailor moon and really enjoyed it but haven't seen it on TV in long time emoticon
Posted on 6/18/13 7:54 PM

I'm really glad emoticon
Posted on 6/19/13 9:52 AM as reply to dragonwizard

If you don't like Sailor Moon or manga, please don't solve my pictures. I'm really trying to make good gridds. If you don't like result and give me bad score that will demotivate me to create new griddlers. If you really don't like, write me WHY and I'll take that into consideration when creating the next. I hope fans will like this SM griddler.
Posted on 6/18/13 12:26 PM