miranda1968 - When you are doing a puzzle like this one with very similar colors, look to the upper left corner and you will see a row of icons where the save button is. Next to it is a button with three horizontal stripes. Click on that, click on colors, and then click on where it mentions contract colors. It will help a lot.
Posted on 1/7/19 6:07 AM

I would like to make your puzzles, but it is impossible for me to distinguish the difference of colors, to use black and gray so dark makes me wrong to the eyes, could you change the colors when you do other puzzles? Thank you
Posted on 1/6/19 8:38 PM

Fajny obrazek. OK.
Posted on 7/14/18 8:42 PM

Shame the contrast between the two shades doesn't come out too strongly in the finished pic. Good puzzle though, fun to do
Posted on 7/2/18 6:19 PM