çok çok güzel tbrkler
Posted on 12/28/10 11:31 PM

An A-300 is a passenger plane, not a fighter. Still fun to do.
Posted on 9/28/10 12:53 AM

I didn't know what an A300 was, but even though I figured it was an airplane I didn't find it predicatable as others said - I found it a nice medium-difficulty multi (my time 29:38/avg 48:17) - intricate details and 100% rating
Posted on 12/15/07 10:23 PM

I found it reasonably difficult in places and the only really predictable bits where the windows as you'd expect
Posted on 1/12/06 8:20 PM

I was looking forward to this one, but very east considering it's about predictable.
Posted on 11/15/05 2:53 AM

Airbus :o)
Posted on 11/14/05 10:15 PM