The sheep is a very clever sheep.
It knows the "Cheap Trick".
Posted on 11/27/15 5:44 AM

On second thought it is the 2nd Ewe over the fence.... maybe U2 is correct!
Posted on 6/9/15 6:51 AM

I agree with the bands however, the sheep one is elusive. Especially with the arrow pointing to the one that is actually jumping over the fence. I think that counts out U2 and the herd.
Posted on 6/9/15 6:50 AM

Enjoyed. Okay, I need a country music band puzzle so I can guess too. I'll be looking. LOL. Thanks.
Posted on 8/15/14 4:49 AM

I had fun with these pictures. The first one (turtles?) was a little weird looking. I'm glad a lot of others have some good theories on the theme because I was lost on that part. It looks like the monkeys are singing Y.M.C.A. Thanks for all the enjoyment.
Posted on 8/4/14 4:28 AM

I loved it to solve. I love the color-combination yellow-black-green from the 5th picture. Staring at the moon.
Posted on 11/4/12 8:49 PM

Finished it all at 8 Hrs, 17 mins and 6 sec. Okay, let's summed it up :- Easy and not-so-easy artwork problem to solve it at few certain pixs, as the first one has it's part of feet chopped off therefore I can't find the clear line to draw it out at reasonable clear opening mode. The 1st pix rated at 50%, 2nd is at 25% and 3rd at 25% ( both pixs' too much white empty spaces widen around it make rather quite difficult to solve on the right spot ), 4th at 50%, 5th is better with 100%, and the last one with sheeps jumpin' over the fence is at 99.5%. The complete rating which I have considered it carefully to reach the best point of result. My overall verdict is :- 75% for this.
Posted on 4/11/12 10:35 AM

maybe the sheep are 'The Herd' - there are several bands with that name
Posted on 2/25/11 9:58 AM

OK so is this what people are agreeing on? (Clockwise from top left ) - The Turtles, The Monkees, Rush, U2, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones? - Really wish the author would've been considerate enough to say something by now.
Posted on 6/2/10 3:15 PM

last one is the seconde sheep... or ewe 2 (U2)
Posted on 3/15/10 11:30 PM

don't know the answer vote is for the bands!. Loved the difficulty of the harder ones. thanks.
Posted on 7/10/09 7:00 PM

I agree with names of bands, I think the sheep represent REM.....or maybe the Kinks?
Posted on 6/5/09 11:17 AM

Ci ho perso le ore e ne perderò altrettante per trovare la soluzione all'enigma, anche se credo che boconnor sia sulla strada giusta! Per me la soluzione è che sono tutti e 6 molto difficili! :-)
Posted on 9/27/08 10:49 AM

Are they the names of bands? The Turtles, The Monkees, Rush, The Rolling Stones... Ummm... The Beatles? ... I don't know what the sheep could be though!?
Posted on 5/26/08 5:52 PM

mid time is 6:50, took my 11:26. The turtles were especially challenging. I like all the pictures but have no clue what they have in common
Posted on 4/25/08 9:56 PM

hurra !!! nareszcie sie udalo,bylo trudne!
Posted on 10/5/07 10:49 PM

Does anyone has a clue about the thing in common?
Posted on 7/31/07 1:33 PM

No idea what the common link is, but they were very enjoyable to do.
Posted on 6/24/07 12:13 PM

Please...someone tell what it is...It's driving me crazy!!!
Posted on 4/21/07 7:43 AM

I've got them al six, it must be something like six expressions (for instance: if one sheep is over the gate, other wil follow... and falling rocks...)
Posted on 6/7/06 11:24 PM

very interesting,but i don't find the answer
Posted on 3/14/06 9:07 AM

tja, daar vraag je me wat
Posted on 1/2/06 6:50 PM

What originality. So far I never saw a puzzle with this idea here. One puzzle you solve and other comes out. I dont't know the answer.
Posted on 12/1/05 7:23 PM

What great fun! Interesting pictures and thought-provoking riddle
Posted on 11/13/05 11:29 PM

Very nice, what a challenge, but I don`t know the word.
Posted on 11/5/05 4:00 PM

I also don't have any clue
Posted on 10/18/05 1:17 PM

All of them are very nice.
Posted on 2/21/05 9:29 PM

je to pekny, ale co maji ty obrazky spolecnyho to teda nevim.poradte mi nekdo, prosiiiiiim!
Posted on 1/10/05 7:56 PM

amaai mijn voeten!!!
Posted on 12/28/04 11:34 PM

great pics - some were very hard indeed. I have no idea what the common link is though ?????
Posted on 6/29/04 7:47 PM

an arrow i think
Posted on 8/9/03 5:59 PM

What is the black form in the upper left?
Posted on 8/9/03 2:33 AM

Posted on 8/7/03 1:44 PM

can't wait to do the next one
Posted on 8/7/03 12:53 AM

Good puzzle whether or not you do all 6.
Posted on 8/6/03 11:05 PM

That's the hardest puzzle I've ever attempted. Thanks for the challenge, now for the other 5...
Posted on 8/6/03 5:36 PM

Very good!
Posted on 8/6/03 3:05 AM