19 letters are hidden in the image. Find & unscramble the letters to get the name of the book (4 words). Need help? Look for clues on the table, under it, or out of the window.
Posted on 9/3/10 4:16 PM

Erittäin mielenkiintoinen tehtävä!
Posted on 11/2/19 1:16 PM

yokmu şifreyi verecek kimse emoticon
Posted on 11/1/19 8:11 AM

Great!!!! 5 more to go, but I have errased them already many times. The riddle I know, the picture speaks for itself.
Posted on 10/31/19 11:29 PM

Great work of art!
Posted on 9/22/19 8:24 PM

off!..10 tane kaldı emoticon
Posted on 7/15/19 9:55 PM

Wow, that took a while! Awesome work elimaor!
Posted on 7/11/19 3:40 PM

What a challenge!! Took me nearly a month to complete! Thanks to all you people for valuable comments, tips and help!!
Posted on 4/9/19 11:59 AM

Wow! Beautiful picture. Cannot believe that I've finished it!

Thank you to everyone who has posted hints/ helped others in the forum. You really help get me back on track several times.
Posted on 3/21/19 3:30 PM

Posted on 3/13/19 1:26 AM

over halfway there
Posted on 3/10/19 8:43 PM

starting this today for my star cheers Posted on 3/7/19 1:05 PM
Posted on 3/7/19 1:05 PM

Nice Pic.
But: Why doesn't he wear pants?
Posted on 2/22/19 4:20 AM

fantastyczny !!!
Posted on 1/14/19 9:40 PM

Posted on 1/5/19 10:56 PM

Wow! Enfin fini!! emoticon Très belle image!! Certaines parties m'ont donné du fil à retordre! Merci!!!
Posted on 11/25/18 11:26 PM

Solve it. Amazing job. Some of them were really time consuming and others were easy and fun. Didn't have to check the letters though the clues gave me the answer about half way through.
Posted on 10/28/18 1:10 PM

Finally completed it. Beautiful image.
Posted on 6/21/18 3:38 PM

Posted on 6/17/18 11:09 PM

Pff, nice, but some parts are tough.
Posted on 5/17/18 6:35 PM

I give this a wholehearted 100%. Though I don't usually solve multis, especially ones this large, I attempted this to earn my star... and I can't say that even a single part was frustrating. And more than that, the resulting image is AMAZING!
Posted on 4/18/18 6:44 AM

Ten years and counting, but I'm almost done this puzzle. Wish me luck!
Posted on 3/17/18 9:06 PM

Great puzzle but why is Bayonetta inside reading? ;)
Posted on 2/16/18 5:22 AM

jen kvůli hvězdě. Obrázek ale hezký
Posted on 1/13/18 6:57 PM

Finished the first part of this today. Will post again when I finish it. I have a feeling it will take a while to finish all 100 pieces.
Posted on 1/4/18 5:01 PM

Solved the puzzle today. Mostly got it because of some of the clues in the comments below. I am 46% done.
Posted on 1/29/18 10:11 PM as reply to joferder

Dakujem, stalo to zato... Jack a kuzelna fazulka... :-)
Posted on 12/29/17 2:20 PM

Nice griddler, a bit repetitive in the end, but still.
For the riddler, it's very simple : just read the name on the books near the aquarium emoticon
Posted on 12/5/17 4:06 PM

Yay! Finally finished this multi-griddler...
Posted on 12/3/17 8:30 PM

99/100.... 1 to go. Solved the first part on 28 May 2008.... Do I win the prize for the longest time to solve?!
Posted on 10/21/17 12:27 AM

That's an amusing quest. I've solved all parts, then found all letter, but one and one extra (wrong). I found hint under the table, but didn't make any gain. Then I tried to google some frazes like "_name_ and the" and finally it promted a good version.
Posted on 8/31/17 11:29 PM

Finally, I have solved all these hundred parts of this multigriddler.emoticon
Konečne som vylúštil všetkých týchto sto častí tohto multigridlera.emoticon
Posted on 8/27/17 8:55 PM

Wonderful picture! Thanks a lot.
Posted on 8/10/17 9:25 PM

I have started this puzzle in 2013, and hope to finally finish it soon! Those 1s and 2s provide quite the challenge! This is really a masterpiece!
Posted on 7/14/17 2:00 PM

Thy the losses of my heavenly life along with this very wonderful masterpiece which capped me roughly about 4 years solving it with tedious and frustrated one and two small blocks which almost kill my enjoyment time dispute excellent artwork. HAPPY verdict to be accounted for this but those tinyest connected blocks around each panels resulted in delete saved often time. Really cool illustration pix ever produced, however. Overall verdict :- SMILE for this.
Posted on 6/14/17 11:06 AM

Sometimes challenging, sometimes piece of cake - all in all a very nice puzzle, thanks!
Posted on 4/30/17 10:36 PM

As always a 100% puzzle from elimaor. So detailed and beautiful. Never too easy or repetetive and never too difficult or guesswork. Simply perfect.
Posted on 4/3/17 6:57 PM

Fantastic puzzle, almost finished, I figured out the book title when halfway done as I was working in the top right corner
Posted on 1/21/17 5:54 AM

Sonunda çözebildim, genelde zorlanmadım ama özellikle 63504 nolu bulmaca saatlerimi aldı. teşekkürler
Posted on 1/2/17 2:06 PM

Great puzzle.
Here is a link to the full picture and the letters of the solution:

Posted on 12/29/16 2:48 PM

Love this puzzle, very challenging and enjoyable. Wonderful details!
Posted on 12/29/16 7:32 AM

This puzzle took me so long and was so rewarding I feel like I have to leave a comment. I took several breaks and came back to it time and time again. Such a lovely puzzle.
Posted on 12/28/16 3:46 AM

I am mad at myself for not figuring out the riddle sooner. It can be done with one square that I happened to solve in 7 months ago. Now that I have come back to this puzzle I decided to investigate.
Posted on 9/21/16 10:13 AM

So, which square?
Posted on 9/28/16 7:06 AM as reply to pasquinade3

finally i finish this riddle
Posted on 9/7/16 9:37 AM

It is the perfect puzzle! The most difficult and incredibly beautiful.
Posted on 7/30/16 7:00 PM

Posted on 7/17/16 9:00 PM

Solved riddle at 18/100 completed. Found only one letter, which I didn't need anyway.
Posted on 6/17/16 5:35 PM

I did it again! Best puzzle ever!
Posted on 5/30/16 6:54 PM

Thank you. I know the title, but miss 3 letters:-)
Posted on 5/15/16 6:15 PM

Great picture. A bit tricky to do in places. Correctly guessed the title early on and now I've finished am still trying to find the 19'th letter. Nice one elimaor. Thanks :-)
Posted on 5/1/16 1:42 AM

This took me soooo long, but I finally finished and it's amazing emoticon
Posted on 2/14/16 11:41 PM

Wow, that was epic !
Posted on 1/21/16 11:01 AM

Finally figured out the title after completing the plants. Still have a ways to go, but this is incredible so far!
Posted on 1/14/16 7:02 AM

No more plants! emoticon Finally...
Posted on 10/4/15 2:34 PM

Nice puzzle!
Posted on 9/13/15 2:30 AM

Oldu, oldu en sonunda bim bam bom. :-)))
Posted on 9/6/15 7:03 PM

Took me forever, but I finally finished!
Posted on 8/27/15 2:04 AM

gosh. 7 to go. started this back in 2009, and rediscovered it recently. what an enjoyable marathon!
Posted on 8/21/15 7:08 AM

woo finally completed this beautiful puzzle
Posted on 8/8/15 4:12 AM

Super beautiful puzzle
Posted on 7/27/15 8:04 PM

Fabulous puzzle - more of the same please!!!!!
Posted on 7/27/15 3:36 PM

woo finally completed it after over 65 hours =D Very nice! Some really hard parts but overall fun~.
Posted on 7/23/15 6:34 AM

Finally finished this awesome puzzle I started years ago! Thank you for this challenge
Posted on 7/12/15 3:00 AM

offf emoticon çok güzel ama yoruldum emoticon
Posted on 7/4/15 8:14 PM

Beautiful puzzle!
Posted on 6/21/15 12:15 AM

¡Por fin! emoticon
Posted on 6/6/15 7:09 PM

I love the detail. Im not done yet, but its looking awesome so far.
Posted on 5/23/15 1:06 AM

Terminado!!! O nome do livro e um conto infantil. Olhe pela janela e saberás qual o nome do livro.
Posted on 5/22/15 4:17 PM

Finally finished it - 10 hours below midtime... quite challenging.
Posted on 5/22/15 12:39 PM

Finnaly done. Very nice gridd.
Posted on 5/18/15 7:49 PM

Fantastic challenge. Got the answer quickly without finding all the letters.
Posted on 5/17/15 2:20 PM

The best ever I've seen.
Posted on 5/13/15 2:45 PM

That Multi is really Multi :-)
Posted on 4/26/15 1:07 AM

63504 was evil to complete!!
Posted on 3/4/15 7:27 PM

wow finally got it and many hours under mid-time emoticon result is just awesome
Posted on 2/27/15 6:03 PM

Špica, ale pakárna.
Posted on 2/19/15 6:45 PM

Super puzzle. A nice mix with some much more difficult than others. I hated to complete it but really wanted to see the finished picture. Totally awesome. Thanks for many fun hours.
Posted on 2/11/15 8:02 AM

Finished! Great puzzle.
Posted on 2/6/15 12:03 AM

great puzzle! still have some problems with a few blocks though…
Posted on 1/24/15 2:25 AM

Only 8 partially complete left for me, great puzzle.
Posted on 1/19/15 1:39 AM

Now 80% of the way done...tile wise. But the ones I have left are all the longest ones...looks great so far!!
Posted on 1/15/15 1:31 AM

Vynikající a nádherný multigriddler, smekám klobouk před autorem, perfektní zážitek z luštění, všem doporučuji, i když některé části jsou docela obtížné.
Posted on 1/12/15 6:03 AM

I didn't think I was ever going to finish this puzzle.
Thanks elimaor
Posted on 1/6/15 5:21 AM

Thank you for the beautiful puzzle!
Posted on 1/5/15 5:56 AM

I know the answer to the riddle (thanks to the letter J clue), now I just need to finish the remaining 68 pieces. Excellent, excellent detail. Looks like a painting instead of a griddler. Great job!
Posted on 1/1/15 11:51 PM

Great griddler
Posted on 12/27/14 5:47 PM

Stuck at the kast one.... i hate it when that happens!
Posted on 12/14/14 9:07 PM

Skończyłam cały obrazek. Jest super. Tylko jeszcze nie mam rozwiązania zagadki emoticon
Posted on 12/14/14 1:36 PM

Loved to solve it: Some very easy, some very hard. Overall: Beautifull
Posted on 12/10/14 6:54 PM

25 cells to go and so far this has been very entertaining, and the picture seems to turn out very beautiful! Thanks so much!
Posted on 11/15/14 6:36 PM

Didn't need any letters to get the title - less than 30 pieces of image were enough. I'm glad my father used to read me so many stories emoticon
Posted on 11/3/14 4:23 PM

Solved the riddle, now just 22 more cells to complete the image!
Posted on 10/14/14 1:18 AM

Thank you Elimaor! It really was a challenge, and the result is great! emoticon
Posted on 10/12/14 7:18 PM

great riddle, I didn't solve all the puzzle and I didn't find all the letters, but I solve the riddle, the !plant is really looks like _______. loved this puzzle, thank you elimaor
Posted on 10/12/14 12:13 PM

Great puzzle but the book is not known in my country. So clues about the author were very helpful.
Posted on 9/11/14 9:28 AM

Çok şükür kitabı buldum
Posted on 9/9/14 12:19 AM

Bulmacaya 2008 senesinde başlamışım. Uzun aralarla birer ikişer yapmışım. Toplam sürem 80:04:46 . Maalesef kitabın adını bulamadım.
Posted on 9/8/14 4:55 PM

Nihayet çözdüm. Yaklaşık 1 asır sürdü çözmem ama çok keyifliydi. Şimdi gizli 19 harfi bulmak için yeniden uğraşalım bakalım. Daha sonra hangi kitap olduğunu bulalım. Off off iş çok.
Posted on 9/8/14 1:39 PM

finished after half of year with one long pause... kudos to author of this multigrid, it was great challenge, especially a few squares which were littlebit harder than rest emoticon
Posted on 9/4/14 1:55 PM

Es hat eine Menge Zeit gekostet aber wirklich sehr tolles Puzzle emoticon
Posted on 9/1/14 5:07 PM

I rarely leave comments but elimaor, I normally do just normal griddlers and I was always excited to come across the ones you made. Needless to say, I did a little dance when I seen this daunting challenge was created by you. I had so much fun solving this, and while I'm happy I managed to complete it, I'm also sad that it's done. Thank you for taking the time to make these wonderful addictions.
Posted on 8/30/14 7:43 AM

really enjoyable
Posted on 8/27/14 7:16 AM

At Last mission accomplished emoticon btw nice picture, and very HARD!!!!)
Posted on 8/26/14 4:49 PM

Posted on 8/21/14 10:15 PM

I'd started this puzzle months ago but had to give up and move on to something else for a while. Got back at it a few weeks ago, and finally finished. Also got back a key emoticon
Posted on 8/14/14 8:27 PM

I finally did it. Unbelievable. Like it, but maybe is to long for me.
Posted on 8/3/14 11:57 PM

I usually don't like so many colors in griddlers. I preffer pure logic B&W. But this one is really something. Some easy, some hard, only few guesses... And the final result is worth of the time spend on solving. And the riddle wasn't hard to solve - I had a luck - I figure out that the name of the writer is written on other books under the table and the rest was easy with google emoticon
Posted on 7/29/14 9:51 PM

Yay! Finished! Took about 10 days, but was great fun!
Posted on 7/28/14 11:44 PM

finally done after 4 months. many parts were unsolvable so I didn't like solving them at all! (fortunately there is software I could use to solve them)...
Posted on 7/28/14 11:10 PM

Finished! AT LAST! I think I'm gonna cry...^^
Posted on 7/14/14 3:02 PM

Fantastique !
Posted on 7/12/14 7:42 PM

Posted on 7/11/14 7:18 AM

Finally finished!! emoticon 26:38:10
Posted on 6/29/14 9:57 PM

לקח לי מלא זמן, פאזל מטורף!
פשוט תענוג לפתור, תודה רבה emoticon
Posted on 6/29/14 6:30 PM

Finally done! Thanks for this awesome griddler. It was so much fun!
Posted on 6/29/14 11:15 AM

WOW! Now THAT's a griddler! Finally done.
Posted on 6/24/14 2:25 PM

It took almost 2 weeks of solving, and several attempts at a few of the parts, but what a fantastic result!
Posted on 6/13/14 11:34 AM

Awesome. Perfect mix of hard and easy parts.
Posted on 6/9/14 12:39 AM

12 days and i finished this great puzzle emoticon
Posted on 5/23/14 11:51 AM

Fantastic! Such a long time to complete, but very well worth it!
Very gorgeous and surprising! 5 stars!!! emoticon
Posted on 5/18/14 11:31 PM

wow!!! wow!!!! wow!!!!!
Posted on 5/11/14 12:50 PM

60 parts solved and I love it, some parts are really hard! I had to do few of them twice emoticon)
It's really perfect puzzle.
Posted on 5/9/14 9:46 AM

Great griddler, took me a while to complete
Posted on 4/29/14 1:19 PM

Over 3/4 done! And wouldn't you know it, I've ended up doing the window almost last. ^^;
Posted on 4/24/14 8:08 PM

Finished! Knowing the server time changes in half an hour, I wanted to be sure I got it registered today, and I did! Took me nine days to do this challenge! Total time: 33:05:50. And finally, fifth star!
Posted on 4/21/14 11:32 PM

45 puzzles in a week's time - and all the harder ones. emoticon Going to call it more than halfway as I can easily put away 10 puzzles a day in what's left (final 20-25 in a single session/day perhaps). Should finish it in 3-4 days, then sixth star work time. Got a hint as to which MultiGriddler is involved, and the Triddler and Sudoku as well; they appear to be doozies.
Posted on 4/19/14 11:49 PM

Great challenging puzzle!
Posted on 4/19/14 11:03 PM

THANK YOU SO MUCH !!! Lets be Friends - my Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eli.maor.3
Posted on 4/19/14 5:20 PM

Pretty picture, but solving it is more like having a job than having fun (to me).

Total burn out with 11 parts to go. It's hard to let it go, but I have to or else I'll begin to hate these puzzles. I'm happy with just 4 stars (forever).
Posted on 4/19/14 6:48 AM

It took me a while ;) But it was great fun. Brilliant puzzle!
Posted on 4/17/14 12:13 PM

Just starting it. It´s going to be a real challenge looking at all the posts but little by little it´ll be done.
Posted on 4/15/14 1:22 PM

Oniya: thanks for the idea. I saw that once on another puzzle and just left it alone, but in some cases (see "when background is set to be any other colour") it comes in very handy. Just solved 63504 by changing that black to white, then one blue to purple (yes, purple). No problem!
Posted on 4/15/14 3:49 AM

Quick question: which of the blues did you change? 63504 is killing me...
Posted on 4/12/15 9:51 PM as reply to cyclone

Something about that purple... I swear, I tried that one once earlier with other colors, but the time with the purple worked. O_o
Posted on 4/17/14 6:17 AM as reply to cyclone

I've found that changing the color palette helps me a lot, especially with the shrubby things and the flesh tones. Might look a little weird while working it, but hey.
Posted on 4/14/14 7:39 AM

I finished it finally! Did the majority back in 2010 and got discouraged. Finally had the patience to sit down and logic it out emoticon
Posted on 4/14/14 12:58 AM

I'm using a systematic approach. Start with the longest mid-times (63542 at 1:09:18, 63550 at 1:06:51, etc.) and work through to the quickest times (63566 at 3:26). As you reach quicker pieces, it fills in faster. You need this one for Griddler Star! No letters yet in my solving, but already found the answer and submitted it!
Posted on 4/13/14 10:48 PM

Very good puzzle !
I began it on May 2008 and finished 94 parts in less than 4 monnthes...
I left it and finished other 3 parts during 2013, and finished 3 parts last month. Enjoy !
Posted on 4/6/14 3:54 PM

exactly half of the puzzle and (not) exactly half of the letters!
Posted on 4/5/14 5:42 PM

Very good puzzle !I began it on May 2008 and finished 84 parts in 4 monthes...,
left it and finished other 3 parts during 2013, and last 3 parts last month. Enjoy !
Posted on 4/4/14 8:07 PM

very good and challenging puzzle. good work! thanks!
Posted on 4/4/14 10:41 AM

great puzzles
Posted on 3/31/14 9:31 PM

Very very nice emoticon
And the answer is: ........... ;)
Really great picture, my favorite puzzle emoticon
Posted on 3/31/14 9:25 PM

Very nice! Finally after 2 years!
Posted on 3/31/14 6:27 PM

Very good, it took me so much time ...
Posted on 3/15/14 6:54 PM

That was a marathon! about 4 months work of lunchs have finally paid off!
Posted on 3/14/14 2:33 PM

Very nice and challenging ;o) thank you
Posted on 3/13/14 1:26 PM

i solved but i wasn't able to find all the letters...i found 15...but i simply can't come up with a title (English isn't my mother language) is there a way to get help....i prefer not to use the unlock key
Posted on 3/11/14 12:28 PM

Found the title....i missed the big clue :-) i was able to find the title without finding the 19 letters
Posted on 3/11/14 4:41 PM as reply to countryfan

I've never heard of that book before, thank God someone wrote the answer in Polish in the comments, just needed to change the language of the respective Wikipedia article.
Posted on 2/28/14 3:53 PM

Excellent! Really loved it! What's next? Suggestions please!
Posted on 2/25/14 8:24 PM

Odlična slika emoticon
Pozdrav iz Slovenije.
Posted on 2/6/14 7:31 PM

this 63550is freaking impossible i tried to solve it in 300 ndifferent ways but it always ends up not working!
Posted on 2/2/14 3:11 PM

How is the last hair part solvable? Seems like I need lots of guessing and restart emoticon Compared to it I had almost no problem with the plant...
Posted on 2/1/14 12:37 PM

Finally!! I started five years ago emoticon great puzzle !!
Posted on 1/31/14 9:42 PM

Eindelijk opgelost na 46:45 uur. Schitterende puzzel.
Posted on 1/27/14 5:38 PM

Great puzzle!
Posted on 1/27/14 8:04 AM

This is a spectacular puzzle!
Posted on 1/17/14 6:28 AM

Posted on 1/7/14 10:41 AM

Only 10 sections to go! Unfortunately, the mid time for each is 50+ minutes. emoticon
Posted on 1/1/14 7:27 AM

I figured out the book title after solving only one section of the griddler. The only thing keeping me from earning that 5th star is the Herculean task of solving the other 99 sections. Yay!
Posted on 12/23/13 8:02 PM

Finally I Started this puzzle in 2008. Submitted the answer times ago... But some of the pieces seemed impossible for me.Today I tried to finish the missing pieces, and I finally did
Elimaor, thank you so so so much for this wonderfull puzzle emoticon
Posted on 12/22/13 6:51 PM

Tytuł książki po polsku "Jaś i magiczna fasola"
Posted on 12/18/13 1:22 PM

20 parts solved only, and I already guessed the title. The window gives it away super easily.
Btw, not really a book, more of a tale.
Posted on 12/15/13 12:24 AM

I do not speak English
I'm using the translator,
and solved the gridler, and found all the letters, but I can not make a word
could help me in any way?
by message, i say the letters to show that I found
my email is lauta149@gmail.com
Posted on 12/8/13 1:42 AM

Guessed the book correctly - now only another 47 parts to solve... ;)
Posted on 12/3/13 1:56 PM

I got it!!!!!!!!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon 64 and part of it was the right one. Really need to look out the window.
Posted on 12/2/13 4:24 AM

Congratulations to everyone who guessed easily book title. I am part of the 63, only 10 letters, and absolutely no idea what is this book.
Posted on 12/2/13 3:25 AM

Great puzzle. I started in 2008 and finally finished this morning.
Posted on 11/29/13 11:36 PM

Very nice one but its even in Germany pretty easy to guess the book. I needed only a few parts from the window and aunt Google for the translation ;-)
BTW: It took me ages to solve the parts of the plant in the left corner.
Thanks for making!
Posted on 11/26/13 12:38 AM

Managed to guess the book after 28 solved. It should be possible to guess using as few as 2-3 solved parts, assuming the correct parts are solved. I looked out of the window, so it is possible that whatever is on/under the table can be a good enough hint to require only one solved part.
Posted on 11/24/13 3:50 PM

phew! this is getting exhausting! only 7 more panels...but they're all the hour long ones >.<
amazing pic though!
Posted on 11/20/13 1:08 PM

Çok zor olmasa da uğraştırıcı. Thanks...
Posted on 11/17/13 5:24 PM

Well deserved 100%
Posted on 11/14/13 10:00 PM

I solved the riddle and I have the book title, but I don't know where to submit the book title.
Posted on 11/12/13 12:26 AM

I've been working on this for ages now. I can't seem to get the 4 tiles over an hour done. I feel like there's never enough information to figure out the last of the pieces. And the picture isn't much lapful with the hardest of the blocks. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Posted on 11/10/13 7:11 AM

wow I finished... What am I going to do with my life now? Great puzzle!
Posted on 11/9/13 11:11 PM

A masterpiece!
Posted on 11/2/13 2:57 AM

wunderfull picture, but sometimes hard to solve
Posted on 10/25/13 11:32 AM

Posted on 10/24/13 7:37 PM

Thank you, i enjoyed making this puzzle so much emoticon your responses makes me want to create even more emoticon
Posted on 10/21/13 1:30 PM

Not sure what to do with my life now that I've finished...
Posted on 10/20/13 3:23 AM

I got it correct with only 35 parts completed.
Posted on 10/17/13 7:12 PM

Truly masterful. For those who don't author, you can only have 8 colours per puzzle, so each of these 100 grids has had to be separately created, whilst ensuring smoothness and continuity at all 5,400 bordering cells. Amazing amount of work - likely much more than it took you to solve. And that's before we even begin to discuss the artistry, content or logic.
Posted on 10/13/13 3:01 AM

Finally finished. Only took me 36 hrs. But it was gooooood.
Posted on 10/11/13 7:34 PM

¡¡Fantástico!! El mejor puzzle que he resuelto, aunque me ha llevado más de un mes.
Posted on 10/8/13 12:50 PM

Thank You very much for help.
Posted on 9/25/13 8:43 PM

Fantastic! Lots of work but worth it!!
Posted on 9/24/13 10:11 PM

Hiemoticon Can anyone give me first letter of the title? Please... This is too hard for me :/ Please help emoticon Send me a message.
Posted on 9/24/13 3:29 AM

Non che servano le lettere per trovare il titolo... neanche c'ho provato a scovarle tutte emoticon
E per l'inglese, beh... basta cercare in italiano (o quel che è) un paio di paroline chiave, trovare il titolo e far tradurre a internet ;)

Per il resto che dire, la tipa ha dei bellissimi capelli, e non ne posso più del verde!
Posted on 9/23/13 3:27 PM

hi everybody, I ve found all the letters, however, I cant make them a proper title (since I m not a native speaker). could you help me by giving some clue?
Posted on 9/18/13 11:51 PM

97 done... but this 3 one is veeery difficult emoticon very good gridller emoticon
Posted on 9/18/13 10:43 PM

Is that a T in the bottom of her tresses (near the obvious D)?
Posted on 9/16/13 7:19 PM

Fantastický obrázok, jeden z najkrajších, ktoré som na tejto stránke zatiaľ riešil. Po anglicky neviem, takže názov knihy mi nič nehovorí.
Posted on 9/14/13 2:42 PM

Dificil pero hermoso!!
Posted on 9/9/13 3:39 AM

One of the best puzzle I've solved
Posted on 9/6/13 11:47 AM

Nice puzzle but by the end you're so tired of that foliage emoticon
Posted on 9/4/13 2:57 PM

can't believe I've finally done it!!
Great puzzle, though very time consuming... Thanks to the author for this detailed puzzle, well done! emoticon
Posted on 9/3/13 8:13 PM

i'm so close but I can't seem to get the last 6 pieces. i'm really much better at the triangle ones. but the stars seem to be much more focused on the classic square ones. any advice? i feel like i can't figure out solutions to the square ones because there isn't enough information.
Posted on 9/3/13 3:05 AM

Just over 25 hours. I prefer triddlers, but this is a great puzzle. Very well done!
Posted on 8/30/13 7:33 AM

Great picture, but very time consuming. Greetings to the author and solving all emoticon
Posted on 8/30/13 3:45 AM

Finally made it. Very nice picture^^ But I still don't see two of the letters o.ô
Posted on 8/29/13 7:02 PM

Amazing results
Posted on 8/27/13 10:02 PM

Apparently I'm not getting the strategy. I've been stuck on puzzle 63550 for 3 hours now and still can't get anywhere.
Posted on 8/25/13 5:18 PM

Fantastic puzzle. Great pleasure.
Very nice picture invested detail.
Good choice of colors.
Excellent job Eli, well done!

A lot of work and patience are required to complete all the Multi Griddler.
About 3-4 tough parts should break the head, the rest fairly easily resolved.
I found all 19 hidden letters, but solved the riddle using the clue seen through the window ..
Posted on 8/25/13 5:59 AM

absolutely loved doing this puzzle, great result, managed to finish in under half the time needed
Posted on 8/25/13 5:26 AM

Finaly finished, I started in '10! It took me 25 hours. Beautifull pic.
Posted on 8/24/13 11:36 PM

I know the title of the book - but I have only 36 finishes pieces - long way to go for the fifth star
Posted on 8/24/13 11:08 PM

finally got that 5th star!
Posted on 8/24/13 4:21 AM

for non english it is very hard
I have found the letters but i don't understand the title
Posted on 8/20/13 4:07 PM

Non-English users should contact griddlers_team via the message box or team@griddlers.net via the email to get help.
Posted on 8/21/13 5:55 AM as reply to pachet_sama

Total of 33 and half hours! Glad to be finished as I personally prefer triddling to griddling. But I really wanted that 5th star!! - I think using a key is cheating!
BTW: I can't see the "T"s, can anyone tell me where they are?
Posted on 8/13/13 3:04 PM

The T is on her watch emoticon

Great puzzle really enjoyed it
Posted on 8/13/13 10:23 PM as reply to scranderberry

Thanks, what about the other one? There should be two Ts.
Posted on 8/14/13 11:57 AM as reply to dragonwizard

At the corner of the window frame.
Posted on 8/14/13 4:36 PM as reply to scranderberry

Which corner? I cannot find the other T either. I thought it was in her dangling hair, but apparently not. This is the only letter I cannot find and it is irritating. LOL.
Posted on 9/16/13 7:24 PM as reply to sslug

I'm sure you have it now, but just noticed your post - top left corner of window frame - right in the corner - very well hidden.
Posted on 10/13/13 3:04 AM as reply to sharijoy

¿Alguien me puede dar una pista para descifrar el nombre del libro? Gracias.
Posted on 8/13/13 8:30 AM

Fun - tastic! Solving is a real pleasure.
Posted on 8/11/13 11:57 AM

Finally complete. 24 hours and 2 minutes. Well worth the effort. Thank You !
Posted on 8/11/13 6:09 AM

C'est vraiment incroyable, je ne m'en lasse pas ^^
Posted on 8/10/13 1:10 AM

Absolutely lovin' it emoticon
Posted on 8/9/13 10:24 AM

loving this!
Posted on 8/7/13 8:57 PM

Fantastic picture. I guessed the password still before finishing the picture.
Posted on 8/7/13 3:17 PM

Absolutely incredible emoticon
Posted on 8/7/13 2:31 PM

Now this is gonna take some years to finish... long time no 5-star emoticon
Posted on 8/6/13 1:40 AM

Or you can use one of the keys to unlock this task.
Posted on 8/6/13 10:31 AM as reply to dragoniak

I would rather finish this as this picture must look epic.. I am bored anyway emoticon
Posted on 8/7/13 2:57 AM as reply to hagitm

Bellissimo !!
Posted on 8/3/13 1:26 AM

Posted on 7/21/13 12:47 AM

That was my first Multi and it was great. I had the answer after less then the half picture.
Posted on 7/19/13 3:42 PM

Excellent, loved the 35x35 format
Posted on 6/13/13 11:56 PM

fun stuff
Posted on 6/2/13 12:21 PM

Good stuff.
Posted on 5/31/13 8:20 PM

cant wait to finish!
Posted on 5/31/13 10:58 AM

Amazing piece of art !!!
Posted on 5/25/13 2:52 PM

Absolutely amazing! Managed to finish after 2 weeks of hard work on it!
Although I managed to guess the answer to the riddle after about 25% of the puzzle was completed, I tackled right through to the end! Some parts were incredibly easy whilst others took me hours to get right!

Fantastic Multi, definitely one of the best I've done emoticon
Posted on 5/21/13 7:05 PM

great picture!
Posted on 5/14/13 12:38 AM

this was the griddler that got me hooked!
Posted on 5/3/13 5:10 AM

Had a lot of fun solving this one.
Posted on 5/1/13 1:36 AM

Muy buen puzzle
Posted on 4/29/13 2:21 AM

Posted on 4/28/13 11:45 PM

thumbs up
Posted on 4/28/13 11:54 AM

The most beautiful puzzle so far. 100%
Posted on 4/24/13 1:10 PM

Best puzzle so far
Posted on 4/23/13 9:23 PM

good one emoticon
Posted on 4/23/13 4:39 PM

Posted on 4/23/13 2:32 PM

That was so much fun! Thank you!
Posted on 4/22/13 11:08 PM

Wow, that took a long time to complete. 1 year and 6 days after I finished the first part (mostly on lunch breakers), the puzzle finally complete. Very nice.
Posted on 11/9/12 10:51 PM

best griddles I've done yet... found the title but still missing a letter
great job
Posted on 11/5/12 5:24 AM

19:51 on tile 63485
Posted on 5/24/12 2:20 AM

Excellent griddler - but SO addictive!!! I agree with other about the title being a bit inappropriate - not exactly what you'd expect such a sophisticated woman to be reading! Although I've finished it (finally!!!) there are four letters I cannot see, but maybe that's just my eyes playing up emoticon Well done, elimaor! You've excelled yourself on this one!! emoticon
Posted on 5/20/12 2:09 AM

Totally loved the challenge - BUT how do I find the other half of the puzzle? I don't know what else to try?
Posted on 4/13/12 11:56 AM

This took 2 1/2 days out of my life to complete haha! Wonderful graphics though and had such fun doing it, though one or two of those squares were extremely frustrating!
Posted on 4/12/12 1:01 AM

A hundred times 100%. All parts are great in themselves with no 'filling the gaps'. The best of the almost 20K I've done so far.
Posted on 3/12/12 9:09 AM

Oh man.. that's crazy. The fact that someone can sit and just make such brilliant images is unbelivable. Keep going!
Posted on 1/21/12 3:33 PM

Always a nice picture and fun to solve, but the riddle was "telegraphed" before the puzzle was half finished. Plus it occured to me that the maturity of the reader suggested that she should be reading Dostoevsky. Perhaps a younger subject would have worked a bit nicer in keeping with the theme's literary level.
Posted on 11/28/11 6:44 AM

Finally Done! Huh...
Posted on 10/26/11 5:28 AM

Another amazing puzzle. (78+hrs over 5 weeks). Thanks for the challenge!!!
Posted on 10/20/11 10:24 AM

Great puzzle... so addictive!
Posted on 10/18/11 3:47 AM

Finally done. A long trip to the end but worth it! Wasn't even interested about the letters, only the picture. Or maybe only because wanted to get it finished emoticon
Posted on 7/10/11 10:37 PM

Finally!! It's been forever but I just *had* to finish it.. Awesome puzzle
Posted on 6/22/11 4:46 PM

37 hours and 18 months later its finished!! Brilliant
Posted on 5/27/11 10:44 AM

brilliant. I started in June 2008 and now i've finally finished this one. Loved it!
Posted on 5/20/11 3:19 PM

Çok uğraştım ama değdi.Bu kadar ince detaylar..Teşekkürler elimaor.
Posted on 4/12/11 9:33 PM

Finally! Finished!
That was so hard at some points... I don't even want to think how much of my lifetime this consumed...
(A za 3 tygodnie matura... ;_;)
Anyhow, the concept is amazing and very clever.
Posted on 4/10/11 6:57 AM

very good! Thank you!
Posted on 4/7/11 9:56 PM

1 down, 99 to go... just want to finish it, I have a very curious nature ;)
Posted on 4/2/11 6:17 PM

I'm done, so I can quit obsessing on finishing. Great griddler and lots of fun to solve.
Posted on 3/27/11 3:46 AM

It took me ages before I could complete the last square (63503) but I'm so glad to have completed it - it's a superb design!
Posted on 3/15/11 3:06 PM

Only 7 left, can't wait to finish it, great griddler, easy riddle! =D
Posted on 1/29/11 1:42 AM

A wonderful image with some nice challenges along the way.
Posted on 1/25/11 12:14 AM

spanguole...I echo your sentiments exactly !
Posted on 1/4/11 3:12 AM

I´m loving this puzzle but I´m completely stuck on 63530! Could someone please post a screen shot of that puzzle solved so I can see what I´m doing wrong? I posted a thread in the forum regarding this.
Posted on 12/31/10 4:08 AM

Totally amazing. I have done a few of your puzzles so far but I will certainly do more of them.
Posted on 12/18/10 1:49 PM

Wonderful puzzle! I enjoyed every minute solving it!
Posted on 12/9/10 7:17 PM

i curse the day when i discovered Griddlers.net.. Every puzzle i do is better than any before.. and then again i come across STH like this... so long... gee.. so many hours of life.. emoticon donät even start. TOO ADDICTIVE!!
Posted on 11/1/10 4:49 AM

great puzzle
Posted on 8/19/10 4:37 PM

Hard but great fun!!!
Posted on 8/5/10 7:20 PM

Bardzo fajny obrazek. Polecam i dziękujeemoticon
Posted on 8/5/10 4:10 PM

Wonderful puzzle!
Posted on 7/26/10 11:49 PM

Whew! Can I have my life back now? That was addicting.
Posted on 5/28/10 6:37 AM

Super! Bardzo mi się podobało.
Posted on 3/18/10 2:24 PM

not exactly a book...
Posted on 3/11/10 2:40 PM

great picture, great detail as always emoticon
Posted on 3/10/10 12:04 AM

Finally Finished! Absolutely amazing puzzle. Ended up leaving 6 months between solwing 99 of them and solving the last one (63550) as it was just one of 'those' puzzles that I couldn't get to work! Managed to get 7.5hrs under the midtime emoticon
Posted on 2/10/10 4:07 PM

Had the riddle solved about half way through, but still felt obligated to finish the whole thing. A couple months later I can claim it fully solved!.
Posted on 2/7/10 7:31 AM

Gorgeous! Such amazing detail. This took me a couple of months to finish, but well worth the effort emoticon
Posted on 12/24/09 6:07 AM

Really enjoyable to do and nice detai. Thanks.
Posted on 11/13/09 12:15 PM

it's awesome.. emoticon)
Posted on 10/26/09 1:43 PM

Nicely Done!!! It's quite an accomplishment when you've finished! But I can't find the second T. Any ideas?
Posted on 9/27/09 7:53 AM

süper bir bulmaca
Posted on 8/15/09 2:54 PM

lunatxa: Fantástico,he disfrutado muchísimo y he encontrado las 19 letras pero no se el nombre del libro
Posted on 8/11/09 10:17 PM

Wow! I did it! And I think I got all letters, but I don't get the title :-( Anyone who can help me????
Posted on 8/6/09 8:16 PM

Finally done! And I found all 19 letters as well emoticon It was good fun, especially the harder parts.
Posted on 7/19/09 2:57 AM

Now maybe I can have a life. Has both long & short time sections for busy or slow days
Posted on 6/30/09 2:04 AM

Brill puzzle
Posted on 6/13/09 10:34 AM

Finally finished. Eli, you amaze me with your talent and imagination. Thanks! Alphanana
Posted on 5/30/09 8:15 AM

KLAAR !!! Heeft me 3 maanden gekosts, maar heeeeeel leuk om te doen en de oplossing gevonden dankzij bol.com.
Posted on 5/10/09 12:42 PM

Posted on 4/19/09 10:59 PM

I enjoyed the detail very much!
Posted on 4/18/09 6:08 PM

PUH! I did it and I just love it. Thank you elimaor!
Posted on 3/2/09 4:51 PM

That took _forever_
Posted on 2/28/09 4:53 PM

Extremely time consuming but as an over 60 it keeps the brain active
Posted on 2/22/09 7:34 AM

That was a lot of fun to do emoticon
Posted on 2/17/09 1:14 AM

Nog 12 te gaan, maar ik weet het antwoord al! Gave puzzel!!
Posted on 2/14/09 5:52 PM

Absolutely fantastic! I enjoyed every second!
Posted on 2/5/09 12:10 AM

I cant believe !The end.I need a goooood ophtalmologist! I found 17 letters,but i lost eyes for the rest.By the way,this is my photo emoticon
Posted on 1/29/09 2:51 PM

Wow!! Fabulous puzzel. Like the size 35 x35.
Posted on 1/28/09 2:30 PM

So pleased to finish this, can have my life back!! Brilliant and challenging, had to do certain few again and again...!
Posted on 1/28/09 12:05 PM

een van de mooiste puzzels die ik heb opgelost !!!bedankt elimaor.
Posted on 1/19/09 11:24 PM

Ugh, I need help with ID 63485....
Posted on 1/14/09 11:02 PM

Beautiful picture and fun riddle. Nice to solve, with a mix of easier and very challenging parts. Thanks!
Posted on 1/9/09 7:32 PM

Świetny obrazek emoticon
Posted on 12/28/08 2:03 PM

Fabulous puzzle - took me 20 days in total (but I have done little else for those 20 days!)
Posted on 12/27/08 5:56 PM

Beautiful and challenging 100 %
Posted on 12/23/08 11:20 AM

Fantastic puzzle! I'm about 60% done and going strong, though a few of the leaf/vine pieces gave me fits!
Posted on 12/14/08 11:04 PM

I finished it! Took me 6 weeks, but I did it!! emoticon Fantastic detail and lots of fun.
Posted on 12/14/08 7:57 PM

I oved doing this beautiful puzzle, and enjoyed solving the riddle too. Thanks.
Posted on 12/5/08 9:15 PM

extremely beautiful, very difficult, sometimes I work on 5 blocks at the same time. The title is easy though. I still have 6 blocks to do, but these are the very hard ones. After this I will surely make one of your other puzzles.
Posted on 12/3/08 9:29 PM

This pic is great. Quite difficult in some areas but worth doing. I found all 19 letters. For those not finding both Ts, one is on her watch and the other is light brown on the top left of the brown window frame next to the blue curtain.
Posted on 11/24/08 7:55 AM

Wow - some of these were very difficult but what a great picture! It took me longer than the mid-time but it was worth it
Posted on 11/22/08 6:34 PM

Eindelijk opgelost maar die engelse titel? voor mij was ie 100%
Posted on 11/2/08 3:57 PM

Beautiful picture...as always great puzzle!! I only found 16 letters too. Where are the remaining 4?
Posted on 11/1/08 12:22 AM

Yup, deffinately the greatest griddler, I've solved so far. Considering both its difficulty and the picture itself
Posted on 10/31/08 9:11 AM

Super mooi gemaakt, en hij is ook leuk om te maken.
Posted on 10/29/08 12:25 PM

Posted on 10/26/08 2:12 PM

WOW that took me a long time...
Posted on 10/18/08 9:42 PM

와~~ 지금까지 풀었던것중 최고인것같아요 ^^
Posted on 10/18/08 5:36 AM

Great puzzle! I think the second T that everyone is searching for is in the upper left corner of the window frame. ;)
Posted on 9/20/08 7:12 AM

Wonderful image fun puzzle and riddle but I can't for the life of me find the second T emoticon
Posted on 9/8/08 6:08 PM

thank you, was great
Posted on 8/23/08 7:05 PM

100% +++ Very intricate and well designed!
Posted on 8/20/08 11:24 PM

Titel gevonden, al moest ik eerst op zoek naar de engelse tekst. Maar de puzzel nog niet opgelost...
Posted on 8/20/08 8:58 PM

100% wonderfull thanks for this beautifull puzzle and for the game!
Posted on 8/6/08 1:27 AM

More 7 puzzles to finish but I know the answer .Just wanted to be sure...ELIMAOR, you are great! Always wonderful puzzles! Thank you for the interesting hours you gave me. The picture and the girl are beautiful...I vote 100% !
Posted on 8/3/08 11:50 AM

Thank you for many hours of enjoyment.
Posted on 7/25/08 11:54 PM

It took me awhile but I finally finished it. Great job elimanor!
Posted on 7/22/08 12:59 AM

süper teşekkür ederim
Posted on 7/19/08 5:50 PM

Great :-)
Posted on 7/19/08 11:37 AM

struggling with the last 10 squares...... my logic is obviously not quite up to the task
Posted on 7/10/08 10:42 AM

Posted on 7/8/08 12:07 AM

After considerable effort, I'm finally done. (I solved the riddle after only 14 parts.) It looks beautiful, but I can only find 16 of the 19 letters.
Posted on 7/5/08 2:45 PM

Excellent picture. The lady of course is beautiful, and so is the rest of the puzzle. Most of the puzzles were easy, but there a few tricky ones. I think the second T is on the thing by the fishbowl.
Posted on 6/28/08 8:15 PM

I found 17 of the 18 letters... where is the second T? anyone fine it? Nice picture, by the way!
Posted on 6/28/08 7:46 AM

Lovely puzzle Eli, I would give you 100% if I could, but I am hung up on a couple of segments so can't vote yet
Posted on 6/24/08 6:47 AM

Vadliba: Nagyon tetszik, jó lenne magyar megfejtés is hozzá.
Posted on 6/23/08 3:35 PM

Exelent and difficult and still a riddle.
Posted on 6/19/08 6:53 PM

Easy riddle, but beautiful, challenging puzzle
Posted on 6/19/08 7:24 AM

Wheewie, that was a long haul. Great picture, although as with others, I solved the riddle a long time before I finished the griddle!
Posted on 6/17/08 8:07 PM

Excellent puzzle! Please make more riddles. These are always fun.
Posted on 6/17/08 4:54 AM

çok zordu ama sonunda başardım kitabın ismini hatırlamıyorum ama hikaseni tabiki biliyorum
Posted on 6/14/08 11:37 AM

I was having so much fun solving the picture, I almost forgot about the book title. Enjoyed this a lot!
Posted on 6/12/08 12:27 PM

Finally finished...first complicated one in a while...thanks elimaor!
Posted on 6/11/08 12:00 AM

A found first letter in first griddler ... and then ten griddlers nothing. 59 to go and I know the answer ...
Posted on 6/10/08 3:10 PM

Brilliant, thank you.
Posted on 6/10/08 10:26 AM

It took me a couple of weeks to solve all pieces. I could only find 16 letters but I found the booktitle. (Het heeft me een paar weken gekost om alle delen op te lossen. Ik kon maar 16 letters vinden, maar ik heb de boektitel gevonden.)
Posted on 6/8/08 6:31 PM

Woo! I'm happy to finish it, don't really like to solve picture with lots of colour, but the result is really beautiful! *.* Thanks elimaor for this good job
Posted on 6/8/08 5:00 PM

Quite funny and clever is that the guy has a big monogram of his name on his shirt! The girl is gorgeous, anyhow ;) I miss the whole picture just by 8 sectors ;)
Posted on 6/5/08 7:22 PM

I've already solved the riddle (the section to the right gave it away), but I'm definitely going to finish the puzzle. What a babe!
Posted on 6/3/08 8:28 PM

one of the best puzzles I see! its great!
Posted on 6/1/08 1:10 AM

נפלא, תודה
Posted on 5/31/08 4:19 PM

Fabulous picture. I do love the riddle puzzles!
Posted on 5/31/08 4:35 AM

Hours spent enjoying this puzzle, just for my husband to look over my shoulder and say, "the book title is..........................", AND HE WAS RIGHT!!!!!
Posted on 5/30/08 4:52 PM

still 67 pieces to go... this is going to take a while, but it looks great so far emoticon
Posted on 5/30/08 2:06 AM

i found it!!!!!! it was a wonderfull puzzle. great job!! emoticon
Posted on 5/29/08 2:00 AM

As always, a wonderful picture and puzzle from one of my favorite authors
Posted on 5/27/08 5:41 AM

Eli, as usually great emoticon
Posted on 5/26/08 5:17 PM

I solved 13 of the squares...never saw any letters, but I could tell what the theme was by the pictures...that is if i'm right! ; )
Posted on 5/25/08 11:36 AM

got the answer without doing most of the squares! intend to finish the picture though, as it looks great so far! fantastic pair of legs btw...
Posted on 5/23/08 9:59 AM

I was just thinking a day or two ago that I wished another riddle would come out
Posted on 5/22/08 7:57 PM

I'm guessing the letters on the books themselves don't count?
Posted on 5/22/08 6:55 PM