It's simply the best!
Posted on 1/29/18 8:04 PM

I got 80507 pretty easily. Now to get the rest.
Posted on 5/24/17 2:30 PM

I loved this one, but I prefer with triangles as always.
Posted on 12/22/16 4:38 PM

I loved this one. I was tough in parts but doable and the result is terrific!!!!
Posted on 2/5/16 4:50 PM

success at last!!!! thanks to the griddlers team for sending the wording in that square. still very challenging as hte letters arent shaped as in Engligh, but finally did it. very challenging puzzle. thank you, solior. and griddlers
Posted on 1/31/16 11:16 AM

havent touched this puzzle since 8.14 and started it many years earlier but flummoxed by the unknown language in square 80507someone offered to help but i lost the details . can somewrite the words for me so i can figure out how to create them in the square and finish this frustrating but very nice puzzle. tx
Posted on 10/10/15 8:13 PM

that's 80507 i got the numbers wrong if anyone can help tell me what it says by writing out the
script for me, then maybe I can finish. what a fantastic puzzle, but the language squares
are very difficult. thank you
Posted on 6/8/14 9:04 PM

Posted on 2/28/14 6:24 PM

This is different from a lot of your others and I really enjoyed the change of pace. Thanks!
Posted on 6/12/13 9:24 PM

well its several months later, and still can't solve writing in I9 outside right upper writing. not knowing the language has increased the difficutly. it's a lovely puzxzle but must remain unfinished for me so i can't vote.
Posted on 8/4/12 12:47 PM

If you send me a message I might be able to help you. I don't want to ruin it for others, but I would be happy to help in a private message.
Posted on 5/5/13 7:20 PM as reply to peppermint

are you still able to help me with the writing in square 80507 Luxembourg Larochette castle? its been years since i tried to finish this square and stil stumped.
perhaps you coudl send a message with the writing printed out so i can figure it out? what does it mean? thanks peppermint
Posted on 10/10/15 8:28 PM as reply to moxiebarb

dear Moxie Barb. over a year ago you offered to help me solve this puzzle.
I have one squre I can't finish and it's been doing this puzzle for over 5 years!
it's square 81507. if you could perhaps tell me what the letters say I could maybe work it out,.
not speaking the language or understanding the script doesnt help. what language is this?
gratefully Peppermint.
Posted on 6/8/14 9:01 PM as reply to moxiebarb

what are 815056 and 81507 you refer to? i can't finish this and its exasperating.
Posted on 4/15/12 11:05 PM

i enjoyed this but cant finish the middle outwide squares cause dont understand the language.but then must be same for non english speakers. shame though as i simply cant finis
Posted on 4/15/12 11:03 PM

I enjoyed this one, especially the language, though it was a challenge!
Posted on 1/12/12 10:43 PM

could you tell me what it says in 81507 please? not understanding the language or the script I've been returning to this square for over 5 years and can't work it out. thanks Peppermint
Posted on 6/8/14 9:03 PM as reply to bshorkend

beautiful picture... not knowing the language made it more difficult but it was worth all the hard work
Posted on 8/26/11 5:28 AM

I also found the language difficult, but it reminded me that many other solvers must find the use of English in most puzzles a frustration.
Posted on 1/5/11 5:00 AM

Would have helped if I'd known the language but I finished it in the end!
Posted on 9/1/10 12:10 AM

mal was anderes
Posted on 6/19/10 10:37 PM

fun to solve, nice pic, thx solior!
Posted on 6/1/10 3:03 PM

:-) :-) :-)
Posted on 5/16/10 8:08 AM

took a while but was totally worth it!
Posted on 9/11/09 2:12 AM

great pic emoticon
Posted on 8/28/09 3:19 AM

You've done it again. Thank you. Now for the next one.
Posted on 8/16/09 3:07 AM

finally i have my life back. thanks for a great griddler! emoticon
Posted on 8/11/09 9:41 PM

My favorite one yet!
Posted on 7/26/09 6:19 AM

iGriddin eline sağlık. mükemmel
Posted on 7/14/09 8:46 PM

bien fait!
Posted on 7/8/09 4:55 PM

Always so unusual ! !
Posted on 7/5/09 9:54 PM

good work, thanks.
Posted on 7/5/09 12:42 PM

it is good
Posted on 6/29/09 11:24 PM

I did what supergranny said, and used 80516 to finish 80507
Posted on 6/29/09 3:40 AM

Eureka!! I don't know what it says, but I finally got those letters
Posted on 6/29/09 3:26 AM

Finished all but 80507-don't know German & couldn't make sense of the letters!
Posted on 6/28/09 10:01 PM

WOW!!! emoticon
Posted on 6/28/09 1:03 AM

Posted on 6/27/09 11:37 PM

Fantastyczny obrazek
Posted on 6/26/09 9:06 PM

סופסוף גרידלר חדש שלך emoticon תודה
Posted on 6/26/09 8:16 PM

with the popularity you've recieved, I'm axious to finish it!!
Posted on 6/26/09 7:13 PM

As nitanflash said... not too hard and not too easy, incredible puzzle! emoticon
Posted on 6/26/09 7:35 AM

I wish there was a translation somewhere so that I would know what the A , B, C, D, E stood for
Posted on 6/26/09 6:10 AM

One of your more tedious puzzles, but as always, the picture is well worth it!!
Posted on 6/25/09 6:29 AM

Yes!!! I've done it!! 80507 was verry hard, but after finishing 80516 I knew the letters and started over. now it was easyer. thanks Solior, Your the best Gridller maker!! emoticon
Posted on 6/23/09 9:24 AM

Lovely puzzle. Not too hard and not too easy. Really fun to solve emoticon
Posted on 6/21/09 2:31 AM

özellikle çok parçalı karalamacalar güzel
Posted on 6/19/09 8:47 PM

Wow...I am loving this puzzle.......Solior is the master of all puzzles.
Posted on 6/19/09 3:00 PM

Baffled. Square #80499 was worth 474,833 points and took me 22:22. Square #80522 was worth only 86,720 points but took me 1:07:37. Beware the low points!
Posted on 6/18/09 7:26 PM

Whooo Hooooo......I have just finished my housework.........so I'm ready to go!!!!
Posted on 6/17/09 8:28 PM